Ladelay Review: Is Ladelay Legit or a Scam?


This Ladelay review covers a hot topic on is Ladelay legit or a scam? As more and more people are finding out about this website, more issues are appearing. When you open, you will notice that this website sells various items at discounted prices. However, once you dig around deeper, there is something awfully wrong about it. Like, what does it actually sell?

Why is there only one category, which is kitchen and dining appliances, yet you can see guitars and even gun scopes on the home page? Anyway, it’s time to clear things up regarding is Ladelay legit or a scam. Should you buy anything from this website? Or should you just avoid it altogether? Let’s find out the answer in this review.

Ladelay Review – Is this website legit?

From a glance, I can already deduce that Ladelay is not legit or a reputable website. It looks poorly maintained, and not clear what the website is selling. There is no further information about the people behind it besides one name, which is M Paul Jones from Brigham City, US. Some people also mentioned how this website only offers one category, yet you can find many unrelated items as well.

The interface also looks kind of messy. Some features don’t even work properly, and well, you get the idea. Ladelay doesn’t look professionally made; in fact, it looks cheap and messy; I got to say, however, that the website is trying hard to get people to try it. Look at some features like compare prices, return policy, and shipping policy. But for all we know, these features might only be for show.

Why should you doubt the legitimacy of Ladelay?

Overall, is a dubious website due to the following reasons:

  • Company details. I have mentioned above that the website doesn’t provide clear information about the people or company behind it. In fact, it has been flagged as fraudulent due to this one particular reason. If you click Contact Us, you can see one name and address. However, if you look up the address on Google Map, you will see that it points to a single-family home. Surely, if Ladelay is a legit online store, it would have been run in an office. Furthermore, the email provided also doesn’t show the store’s name.
  • There is no physical store named Ladelay. This is also a big red flag that I noticed on this website. I know that selling items online is convenient, but stores usually have a physical location that people can visit. Not only I can’t find any physical location related to Ladelay, but I also can’t find any store named Ladelay.
  • No customer reviews. You can’t find any customer reviews on the website, which is really weird. If you look up other reviews on the internet, every single one of them is negative. I really can’t find a single meaningful interaction between Ladelay and its customers.
  • Discounts. Isn’t it weird that every item on Ladelay is on discount? The prices are all ridiculously cheap, and no way this is convincing me enough to buy.
  • No social media presence. There is not a single online store today that doesn’t have a social media presence. Social media presence is essential to build trust with your customers. Any store that doesn’t know this should be avoided.

Whois Lookup

I did look up Ladelay on Whois because many people use this tool to identify fake or scam websites. From the results, I have learned that Ladelay didn’t start in 2019 as it claims. In fact, it was started back in June 2021. Ladelay also doesn’t have any legit security measures that can protect your online transactions via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, STRIFE, and many other transaction methods. So a new website with no customer reviews and social media presence? That’s a hard pass.

Concluding our Ladelay Review

It is safe to say that you should avoid Ladelay is a scam and not legit. This online store is shady and doesn’t look legit at all. Many people have talked about how unconvincing the interface looks and that there is no reason to risk yourself at all.

Unreliable websites like Ladelay are not safe to shop from. Don’t let the cheap prices lure you to send your money to the website. Not only do you risk losing your money, but you will also put your personal information at risk.

If you have sent your money for whatever reason, you should contact your bank immediately and request a chargeback. Don’t wait, or you will lose your money. Also, it would be worth your time to change your credit card info just to be safe.