How Much Does Home Sauna Installation Cost?

When it comes to home sauna installation, you should know the prices you can expect to pay. You can check out our guide here to learn more.

Did you know that having a home sauna installation can improve your health and wellbeing? When you sweat it relieves the body of toxins, can strengthen the immune system, and improve your cardiovascular system.

If you’re looking to enjoy these wonderful benefits on a daily but are unsure of how much it will cost you then you can read more.

Are you interested in learning more? If so continue reading to find out how much a home sauna installation costs!

Indoor Home Sauna Installation

On average, a 2 to 4 person indoor sauna will cost about $1500- $3000. If you’d like a larger sauna to fit 5 to 7 people in, this can cost around $3,000- $5000. 

Then it is important to factor in the labor efforts of the electrical work for the heater. The price of this job is most likely around the same amount as the cost of your sauna.

The beauty of the indoor sauna is that this installation can go anywhere in your house. We suggest placing your sauna in the basement, a walk-in closet, or in the garage.

Another perk of your indoor sauna is that it can be used all year round. It’s true that indoor saunas are more expensive than outdoor saunas because they need specific ventilation work, however, they are worth the investment in the long run.

Outdoor Home Sauna Installation

An outdoor wooden sauna that fits 5 to 7 people should cost anywhere from $2500- $3500. You can expect an additional cost of $1000- $1500 for a professional to complete the electrical work.

This type of sauna is usually built with freestanding wood. The two most popular kinds of wood are redwood and cedar because they are resistant to heat.

Building your outdoor sauna using a custom kit can save you tons of money. You will have the ability to add your own features to the inside or outside of the sauna to give it an original appearance.

Accessories, Energy Use, and Brands

It’s useful to factor in the energy usage and sauna accessories when thinking about expenses for your home sauna.

Remember that you’ll want to accessorize your personal sauna with a water bucket, ladle, and sauna rocks. A thermometer and hydrometer will come in handy to have as well. These items all come separately. 

Make sure to budget for the amount of time you’ll spend running the sauna. Someone who uses their sauna at least 5 times a month can expect a $5- $10 energy bill.

The Importance of Knowing How Much a Home Sauna Installation Costs

From Finnleo to Heavenly Heat, there are so many brands of home saunas to choose from. It’s important to do your research when looking into your options to save the most money when investing in one.

By now you should have a greater understanding of where to begin on the search for the perfect home sauna installation.

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