Goose Down Pillows for Allergies – Debunking Common Myths

Plenty of people suffer from allergies, from the most dangerous types that can cause anaphylactic shock, right through to those that cause coughing and sneezing fits. Regardless of your allergy, there are a variety of solutions available – especially if your sinuses flare up at night. If your pillow is to blame, it might be a good time to switch to a feathered alternative and in this article, we’ll be discussing the potential of a goose down pillow in particular.

What is Goose Down?

Goose down is a type of soft feather taken from geese, refined to ensure that their quality is superior, and then added inside of pillows to replace the traditional wool or synthetic stuffing. In the latter instance, allergies can be far more common, as many people react to the synthetic fibers, so with a good goose down pillow, these concerns can be all but negated.

As goose down is soft, you can already guess just how luxurious and comfortable laying your head down on a pillow containing these feathers will be. In the past, many people used to say that they had an allergy to feathers, but this wasn’t so much the feathers, but the way that manufacturers prepared them.

These days, newer, more organic techniques have been introduced that negate the concern of allergies – although you could still be one of the unlucky few that can’t be near feathers. If not, however, you could be enjoying your very own goose down pillow as soon as possible.

Common Myths About Goose Down, Debunked

Does goose down cause rashes? No. In fact, the soft plumage of this part of the goose can actually calm rashes down. Not only can it work by reducing redness like with rosacea and other dermal conditions, but it can also encourage more relaxation as you sleep, helping you to go into a deeper slumber and promoting healing.

Does it carry bacteria? Again, no. All feathers are properly treated before going anywhere near a pillowcase ready to be stuffed inside the soft inner material. Not only this but down feathers are a protected type of plumage on a bird and are often used to deter dirt and germs from settling onto theirfeathers – and this is especially true for the goose.

Does the spine hurt? Okay, we have to be fair here and say that older, untreated versions of the feathered pillows might have poked people in the cheeks from time to time, but thanks to advances in modern technology, this event is increasingly less common. Combined with the soft and gentle nature of down feathers and you’ll begin to realize that they are actually intended to be soft – making them the ideal solution for pillows of all shapes and sizes.

Are goose down pillows a good selection?

Now that you know that some of the most common myths are debunked, we’re sure that you’ll be planning on upgrading all of your older pillows to a goose down alternative. What better way to enjoy a great night’s sleep than in comfort, with peace of mind for your skin and without sneezing yourself awake?