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A Step-By-Step Guide for Building a Custom Home

Everyone aspires to build their dream home, regardless of what it looks like. Each year, around 1.20 million Americans make that dream a reality, with many more people looking to form a part of that statistic.  However, while designing and constructing a custom home is rewarding, it can also be a challenge. In fact, for the unprepared, […]

What Are the Early Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Home?

Did you know one in five Americans has a bed bug infestation in their home that they didn’t know about?  Bed bugs strike fear into the heart of people. They’re irritating and notoriously difficult to get rid of. However, it’s much easier if you can catch them early. A professional should be able to get […]

Everything to Know About Proper Fireplace Maintenance

A fireplace can boost the value of your home by 12,000 dollars. Fireplaces are easy sources of heating and socializing. Everyone loves to gather around the fireplace and toast marshmallows.  A fireplace can only increase your home’s value if you maintain it, however. Many people wash their fireplaces down with soap and water, but that’s not […]

4 Tips on Preparing for a Long-Distance Move

Preparing for any move can be difficult. Throw hundreds or thousands of miles into the mix, and that’s what you call a long-distance move, and it comes with its own set of challenges. That’s why most Americans make up to five different moving mistakes per move! Forty-four percent of them have made the same mistake more […]

How to Choose a Ceiling Fan That Is Perfect for Your Home

If you just don’t have the funds for air conditioning installation, let alone the electric bill that goes with it, a ceiling fan is your next best bet. While you’ll still have to fork out on your power bill, it will cost a fraction of air conditioning usage. The difficult part is nailing down which […]

An Insider Guide to Renting Disney Vacation Club Points

International travel might be off the cards for many of us right now, but that’s no reason to avoid a vacation altogether. Taking time off is the most obvious and effective way to recharge your batteries. With the stresses of working from home and home-schooling on top of all our other recent challenges, we all […]

4 Excellent Improvements That’ll Boost Your Home Resale Value

Are you looking for ways to improve your home while also improving your home resale value? It’s best to choose to do home improvements that will have the best return on investment.  If you’re wondering what home improvements will be worth the time, money, and effort, keep reading. Start the new year with some new […]

Tips and Tricks on How to Choose the Right Garage Wall Material

Are you doing some garage remodeling and need to choose the best type of wall material? When it comes to a garage wall, you need to consider your own particular lifestyle. Do you work in your garage often? Will you need to hang up shelves and other heavy tools? These are just the first few questions […]

7 Terrific Reasons to Move to Michigan

While cities like New York and Los Angeles are great, they’re also some of the most expensive places in the country. This means that many people who move there find themselves unable to fully enjoy themselves. Luckily, the United States has many other great and affordable places, like Michigan. The Great Lakes State is the 5th most affordable […]