Are You Ready To Have A Baby? The Main Signs


It’s normal to feel nervous or doubt at the thought of having a child. We ask ourselves a lot of questions, plan for the future, and even ask people who already have children for advice. Here are the signs that you’re ready to have a baby.

Signs That You’re Ready to Have a Baby

Many people think that one desire is enough to plan a pregnancy. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. These signs that will help you make sure your decision to have a baby is the right one and that you’ve thought it through.

You’re Ready to Make a Big Change in Your Lifestyle

Having a baby changes our lives dramatically. We will spend most of our time with him or her, putting aside the career, betting at we used to love, and other hobbies. Over time, we will be able to return to that as the baby grows older.

If we accept this fact not as a tragedy or sacrifice to circumstances, but as an interesting new experience, then we are ready to have kids.

You Have a Plan to Provide for Your Baby in the Next Few Years

Taking care of your baby’s future should be planned before you even get pregnant. It’s important to consider several important factors.

Think about how stable, strong, and healthy your relationship is. Think about how your partner feels about the idea of adding to the family. How supportive he is, how willing he is to help take care of the baby, to make financial commitments for the family during your maternity leave.

Think about your own financial savings too. To what extent you can cope with the purchase of the necessary things: prams, diapers, personalised dummy, clothes for the baby, medicines. Think about how you could earn money while on maternity leave, what you need for that and whether you have such an opportunity.

Also think about the living conditions of your family: how comfortable you will be in your apartment or house, is it possible to arrange a nursery. And how you see your life when the baby comes into the world.

If you understand that you have a clear plan of action regarding the above moments, and they are thought out in detail, it’s worth thinking about having a baby. Of course, no one is immune from unforeseen circumstances, but it’s easier to cope with them, if sufficiently prepared before pregnancy. And you understand that you can provide a child with everything you need.

You Treat Your Health Responsibly

Pregnancy is a complicated process of body restructuring, as well as the time after childbirth. That is why it is important to take care of your health. You have to be ready to give up bad habits to have a healthy baby. You will also need to have medical examinations, doctors’ appointments and tests.

It’s important to note that some health conditions require maximum monitoring and control during pregnancy.

And another important fact that you accept if you are ready to have a baby is that your body will change. During pregnancy, you may gain weight or get stretch marks. Many women change the shape of their breasts after the baby is born. If you aren’t afraid of it, you understand that such changes are necessary for the baby to come into the world, then you can think about pregnancy.

You Need to Take Care of Someone

Caring for children is daily work. We take care of them, experience joys and sorrows together, and try to make sure that the child does not need anything. It’s the most difficult but pleasant work.

If you feel the need to care for and protect the baby, to create a comfortable environment for him or her, to raise him or her and do everything to make him or her happy, then you are ready for him or her.

You Aren’t Afraid of Difficulties

Every woman has certain fears and doubts she has before pregnancy. We may fear that we won’t be able to handle our new responsibilities. Or that the reality of life with a baby will be far from how we envision it. We are scared of going into maternity and changing our lifestyle. Some are afraid of the lack of sleep in the first few months after birth, of the illnesses they or the baby will develop.

These fears and doubts are legitimate. But if you understand that the desire to become a mom outweighs and forces you to solve difficulties, rather than invent excuses, you are ready for the baby.

Signs That It’s Early to Plan a Pregnancy

There’s no getting away from doubts and fears at the thought of having a baby. And many of them can encourage us to give up on such a decision for a while. There are some more important facts that suggest that it’s worth delaying pregnancy.

You’re Not Sure It’s Your Desire

Society can put pressure on us, and so can family. Your mother wants to babysit her grandchildren sooner, or all of her friends already have children.

If you realize that you want to have a child because of external pressure and not because you really want it, you shouldn’t take the step. You need to understand how much you would want to change your life this way, if the people around you did not say such phrases.

You Want to Have a Baby to Save Your Relationship

Unfortunately, if a partner wants to leave, children won’t keep him or her away. And having a child just to strengthen the relationship or to resist its collapse is not worth it. Such an irresponsible act can ruin your life and that of your partner and future baby.

You’re Not Ready to Give up Your Career and Other Priorities

Suppose your career is going well, you often work on weekends, you seek to promote yourself or develop your business. And having a baby will definitely spoil those plans or push them back indefinitely.

If you realize that you do not want to temporarily put your career on the back burner, do not have a baby in the hope that you can get back to the old way of life quickly enough. Even if the pregnancy goes perfectly, you can’t predict exactly how you and the baby will feel in the first year after delivery.

You Rely on Others to Help You

Deciding to have a baby is our own responsibility, just like the follow-up care. If you’re hoping for help, you might want to consider postponing the pregnancy.

Of course, your parents, partner and girlfriend may genuinely want to make your life easier. However, you can hardly pass the responsibility for your baby entirely on to them. You have to be prepared for the fact that the problems and difficulties of caring for the baby will fall on your shoulders.

You Don’t Know How to Solve Conflicts

If we don’t know how to solve conflicts, it’s difficult to build strong relationships with others. And this can have a negative impact on life both during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby.

An environment where partners do not know how to calmly solve problems, quarrel or resent each other, will have a negative impact on the child and his upbringing. Besides, a strong relationship with your partner and the ability to hear each other is the key to ensuring that your pregnancy goes smoothly and you will be able to recover quickly in the postpartum period.

So if you realize that you often feel anger, or are ready to argue with your partner to the last, it is worth learning to control yourself first, and then to think about pregnancy.