Are There Aircraft System Courses Available Online?

Online aircraft system classes are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional classroom learning for aspiring pilots and aircraft technicians. The primary advantage is the flexibility and convenience they offer. Students can access course materials at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

When it comes to the availability of the courses, they vary widely, ranging from introductory courses to more advanced topics related to aviation maintenance training (technician) and aviation management. Depending on the specific type of plane being studied, you can expect to learn about the differences in aircraft systems and components, their maintenance requirements, operation procedures, flight rules, and regulations, as well as safety protocols. We have discussed a few of the popular online aircraft system courses from CPaT Global that are offered.

Introduction to Aircraft Systems

As the name suggests, these courses are aimed at providing a basic overview of aircraft systems and how they work together to ensure safe and efficient flight. They are typically designed to help everyone from beginners who know nothing about aircraft systems to seasoned aviation experts brush up on the latest industry developments.

They cover a wide range of topics such as regulatory requirements, safety procedures, and even basic maintenance practices. It’s important to understand these topics if you are interested in flying. You will be able to have a full understanding of these systems and how they work.

Aviation Maintenance Training (Technician)

Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) training courses are designed to equip individuals with all the necessary know-how and technical proficiency they need to satisfy FAA certification exam requirements. This comprehensive coursework includes hands-on practice, for those who prefer that method of teaching.

The courses also include detailed instructions on aircraft systems and components such as engines, propellers, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, and airframe structures. Students will also learn how to operate a wide variety of ground support equipment to help them in their general day-to-day duties. It’s a great way to implement these different teaching styles so everyone can have an understanding of these systems.

Aviation Management

Aviation management courses focus on the business and operational aspects of the aviation industry. Students enrolled in this course will receive an expansive education, from airline management to airport operations and air traffic control. Besides that, you’ll also cultivate important leadership abilities for managing personnel and procedures within this field.

The classes delve into topics such as safety management systems, regulations of air transportation, and how interrelated components of the aviation sector work together – all fundamental understanding necessary to succeed within the industry! Graduates of these programs are equipped with the skills needed for careers in aviation management, including roles in airlines, airports, and aviation-related government agencies.

Aircraft Design

If you have an interest in the engineering and physical aspects of aircraft, then studying aircraft design could be just what you need. Of course, this course explores the engineering and scientific principles behind planes from a conceptual level, including the aerodynamics of flight and the structures used to build them. You’ll gain insight into design methods and their applications to individual planes, study the necessary materials and learn how different components interact throughout various stages of flight.


These are just broad categories of aircraft system-related courses available online. There are several specialized and advanced topics within each field that you can explore further, depending on the level of expertise you are looking for.

It’s a great opportunity for people who want to broaden their horizons. These courses are available to a wide group of individuals who want to take that leap. In any case, taking an aircraft system course online can be a great way to maximize your learning and hone your skills in this dynamic and fascinating field.