A Comprehensive List of Expensive Car Repairs That Will Make You Want To Sell


As one of your most significant investments, it is imperative that you take proper care of your car. From changing the oils regularly to performing annual checkups at an auto repair shop, there are many things you need to do as a car owner to keep your ride in good working order.

However, maintaining a vehicle can be expensive, especially as it gets older and the need for repairs and replacements is more frequent. After reaching a certain mileage, cars start experiencing some issues that can easily turn into costly problems and have you considering it is time to sell.

But, before you start putting your ride up for sale, you should first understand what the most expensive car repairs are and whether they are worth fixing. 

Engine failure

Serving as the most important part of a car, the engine must be properly cared for to avoid complete failure. If an engine problem occurs, you are looking at thousands of dollars worth of repairs and replacements. That’s why mechanics advise car owners to junk their cars instead of repairing or replacing the engine.

If you decide to junk your vehicle, you should look for reputable junk car removal services in your area to dispose of your car properly. For instance, if you live in the Philly area, do your research and find out how to sell a junk car in Philadelphia for cash. This way you’ll be able to get rid of the car while receiving a good amount for it in return. 

Clutch replacement

The clutch is a car part found only in manual cars and it is used for changing gears. But, like most components, it can suffer from sudden failures due to some issues with the pressure plate. While some of these issues can be repaired, the process is time-consuming for professionals and quite expensive for you. 

However, the good news about clutches is that they wear out gradually and you may have plenty of warning signs before they require replacement. To prevent any clutch issues, the best you can do is employ a gentler driving style instead of riding the clutch. 

Alternator replacement

Another car part that can also cost you thousands of dollars for repair is the alternator. The thing about a car alternator is that when it dies, the vehicle’s whole electrical system will do too. This means you won’t be able to open your windows, turn on the headlights and even start your car because this part is also responsible for charging your battery while driving. 

Fortunately, there are some signs you can look out for that indicate problems with your alternator and these are an illuminated battery warning light, slow electronics, and growling noises. 

Transmission replacement

The main purpose of the transmission is to transmit power from your engine to your driveshaft. It is the only car part that experiences more wear and tear than other components due to the heat and friction produced by other moving and interacting parts. If the transmission goes out, the wheels on a vehicle are unable to turn, meaning your car can’t drive.

Depending on the severity of the problem, the cost of repairing the transmission can be quite high, but even more expensive if you have to replace this part completely. So, make sure you watch out for the signs that indicate there may be problems such as gear slipping, dragging clutch, burning smell, and humming noises. 

Hybrid car battery

Although hybrids are growing in popularity, the technology that fuels them is still relatively new. This makes hybrid car problems quite expensive to repair or replace, especially when it comes to battery issues. Depending on the make and model of your car, you could pay a lot of money for hybrid battery replacement, which is often more than what you would normally pay for a traditional gas-powered vehicle.

The great news about hybrid batteries is that they are created to last as long as the car itself, which is usually ten years. So, even if the battery dies out, you can rely on your vehicle’s warranty to cover the cost of its replacement. 

Final thoughts

Even with proper maintenance, cars can still experience mechanical issues which may be expensive to repair or replace. That’s why it is important that you understand the common car problems and know how to watch out for the signs so you can protect yourself from financial burdens. For more information, refer to our post and read about the most expensive car repairs that may make you want to sell your vehicle.