6 Energy Business Ideas To Start This New Year

As the new year approaches, it’s the best time to gather business ideas and have a concrete plan that may allow you to gain profits and improve your living standards. Energy-related business ideas come in handy because of the inexhaustible demand for energy products. People will always need the energy to power up their daily chores, such as driving cars, lighting the home, washing clothes or utensils, and running household machines. Nevertheless, as with every business, you must take the necessary steps to grow. 

Starting a new business venture is packed with highs and lows, which you must overcome to become profitable. If you’re serious about the venture, it’s possible to mitigate all potential setbacks and succeed. Below are some energy business ideas you can start. 

  1. Solar Energy Products 

With the increase in the use of renewable energy, solar products are a hot sale. You can make profits if you venture into selling solar products. Some of the products you can major on include the following: 

  • Solar panels or lamps 
  • Cookstoves 
  • Torches 
  • Dryers  
  • Waste compacting bins 
  • Water heaters 
  • Pumps 

There’s a vast demand for solar-powered products, especially in rural areas where grid electricity isn’t available. Additionally, you can choose to specialize in some products, like solar panels. This gives you a strong base and keeps your business up and running. 

You can offer aftersale services like free installation or maintenance to give your customers a better experience. It’d be best to enroll in short courses that provide training so you can perfect your skills on installation. This way, you’ll have unique characteristics that set you apart from your competitors. Further, this can help you attract new clients to your business and retain the current ones.   

  1. Fuel Production 

This can be an excellent venture if you live in an area with natural fuels and gases. However, it’s a capital-intensive venture. First and foremost, you should factor in equipment and operations costs. For instance, if you’ll be drilling fuel, you need state-of-the-art machines. They should be frequently serviced to ensure continuous production. To purchase such drilling equipment, you’ll need enough capital.  

Additionally, you should also factor in labor. You should also have permits to run such an energy business. Understanding your operating costs is crucial to maintaining sound financial health for your venture. This way, you can calculate the potential profits and decide whether or not to pursue the energy business idea.   

  1. Geothermal Product Distribution 

Manufacturing companies depend on energy to run their machines. They prefer geothermal energy over conventional hydroelectric power to cut production costs. Thus, you can venture into geothermal products and make an income from selling them geothermal products.   

One thing with machines is that they’re susceptible to wear and tear. The companies need spare parts often. To retain customers, ensure you provide quality and durable spare parts. You’ll even get referrals if they find your spare parts durable. Additionally, if you have the basic skills in repairing and maintaining geothermal-operated machines, you can offer the services to the companies.  

  1. Home Energy Consultancy 

If you’re well-versed in energy matters, you can use your expertise to educate homeowners on the best home energy appliances. In other remote areas where there’s no access to electricity, they rely on other sources of energy, such as wind and solar. With renewable energy gaining ground, it could be a unique investment to set up a consultancy in such areas.  

You can share helpful insights with homeowners. For instance, you can advise them on the advantages of using solar over wind energy. You can also run a side business to sell equipment like solar panels or windmills. It could be an advantage if you install the devices for them.  

  1. Generator Manufacturing 

Another alternative venture in the energy industry is the sale of generators. Most people use generators as backup energy sources to sail through unpredictable power outages. Hence, it’s ideal to craft a marketing strategy to reach a vast customer base. You should also heavily equip your store with several generator types. 

With generators, capacity is a strong selling point. As such, ensure you have several generators so every customer can find one they can afford when they walk into your shop. It’d also be essential to be in a position to explain to your customers confusing concepts, like the difference between using a generator and solar power.    

  1. Electric Cables Shop 

Every time one needs an energy connection set up, they need wires and cables. You can start an electric cable and wire shop and cater to the need. To make the most out of this business idea, running it alongside most of the other energy components, such as generators, bulbs, bulb holders, sockets, extensions, and essential appliances, would be best. This way, you can target clients looking for other appliances that need cables and wires.  


Energy business ideas are plenty and feasible because of the global demand for energy products. Just remember to do your due diligence and ascertain that the business you plan to pursue is profitable. Analyze your financials until you’re sure the revenue will exceed the expenses at some point and make the business profitable. Consider the energy business ideas shared above and begin planning your new venture.