6 Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Giving your bathroom a new look that works for your needs requires knowing what not to do. Here are common bathroom remodeling mistakes and how to avoid them.

Before taking on a bathroom remodel, do a little investigating about what home buyers in your area look for in a bathroom. Figure out if that’s the best project for a return on your investment (ROI) even if you don’t plan to sell in the very near future. 

Whether you’re hiring a bathroom remodeling service, bathroom design ideas can be overwhelming and expensive. Before you blow your bathroom remodeling budget on things that are not going to get you a good return on your investment, do your homework. 

Are you giving your bathroom a new look? Getting it just right requires knowing what to do and what not to do. Keep reading to learn some common bathroom remodeling mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Improper Spacing/Layout  

When you’re doing a larger project than adding a new bathroom sink, you have to make sure you space everything correctly. Don’t get so caught up on your new bigger shower with two shower heads that you neglect to leave enough space to walk through to get to the toilet. 

Properly layout your design to make sure it works when the bathroom is complete. 

2. Not Making a Plan 

Before you schedule demo day, have a plan with precise measurements, costs and availability of materials, and a time frame. Line up help whether it be professional or family members. 

3. Overlooking the Details 

This goes along with planning. Don’t just make a plan for the overall design and major materials. Think about the small details like new faucets, tile, paint color, overall color scheme, and lighting for bathrooms, which can be chosen via websites like Wetrooms Design and many more. 

4. Ignoring the Need for Proper Ventilation

Choose the proper size exhaust fan for the size of the bathroom. Without the right ventilation, you risk a moist environment in which mold and mildew will appear. Your paint, grout, and metal fixtures will begin to deteriorate. 

5. Forgetting to Add Storage 

Even if you like the streamlined look or minimalistic design, don’t forget to add storage. It’s necessary in a bathroom. You need space for towels, personal hygiene products, and extra toilet paper and tissues. 

6. Neglecting Natural Light 

If you have some natural light coming into your bathroom, don’t block it or reserve it for the water closet. Natural light keeps your bathroom from feeling like a cave. 

Looking for a hip faucet for your bathroom remodel? Get more info here about the top four faucet styles for a modern bathroom. 

Don’t Make These Bathroom Remodel Mistakes 

Doing a bathroom remodel is never something you want to drag out. Rushing the job can lead to bathroom remodel mistakes, so try to be patient. Additionally, you’ll get a better result by hiring a Remodeling contractor company and leave it to the professionals.

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