4 Updating Bedroom Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank


The home redesign market in the United States is currently worth over 100 billion dollars, and that’s for good reason. Staring at the same old decor can get old, especially when it’s your bedroom!

Are you lost looking for inspiration for your new bedroom remodel? Let’s go through the top updating bedroom ideas.

1. Look at Bedroom Trends

There’s always something popular in the world of design, and the same is true for your bedroom. So, look into what bedroom trends are popping right now. Bold colors are popular right now, for example, as is buying sustainable decor products.

Of course, don’t just choose your bedroom decor because it’s on trend. You should also choose things that actually appeal to you, that mesh with the design of the rest of your home, and that you won’t want to replace again in a year or two. 

2. Consider New Floors

If you’re looking for a major renovation, you might want to replace the floors in your bedroom altogether. Hardwood floors can be a great option that will raise the overall value of your home. You don’t even have to shell out a ton of cash for quality floors. Look at what cheap wood floors available for you.

3. Change Fabrics

You might be tired of your same old duvet cover. Changing out the fabrics in your room can be a complete transformation that won’t even take very long.

If you’re feeling fancy, you can buy new curtains as well. You might want to get curtains that match your bed exactly. You might want curtains in complementary colors. Or, you might be feeling funky, and choose something completely different for an offbeat feel.

You don’t just have to stick with what you already have, either. Add some new throw pillows for a little extra whimsy. Think about putting up a canopy around your bed for a feminine touch. 

4. Paint

If you’re looking for easy cosmetic upgrades, painting might be the answer. A new coat of paint can completely transform your bedroom, and it won’t break the bank.

Those who lack experience with painting may want to ask a friend or two to help them out. Or, if you’re not afraid to splurge, hire a professional painting company to do the job.

If you want something more minor, you don’t have to paint your entire room. You can choose an accent wall, for just a splash. You can paint your trim for a creative touch.

Or, you can stay away from your walls. You might want to paint your ceiling. If you just want to dip your toe in the pool, you could paint your door, or an accent table. 

Try Out These Updating Bedroom Ideas Today

Clearly, there are tons of updating bedroom ideas you might want to utilize.

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