Why Your Company Needs Outplacement Services for Employee Layoffs

Investing in outplacement services for employee layoffs might not seem like a necessary company expense. Why spend money on an employee who has been terminated and no longer works for you? Well first of all, it is your job as a company leader to take care of your employees, especially the ones that have been laid off.

This is why it is a good idea – if not a necessity – to allot a yearly budget for outplacement services. If you want to know the facts about what outplacement can do for you and your employees, even those who no longer work for you, keep reading.

Your employees will feel cared for

This is something that a lot of company leaders underestimate. It is a powerful thing for your employees to feel as if you care about their wellbeing, rather than just view them as your workers. They’ll actually enjoy coming to work every day and feel as if they are a part of a well-oiled machine. This has been proven to increase productivity among employees.

Another perk of your employees feeling cared for is that they are less likely to have any negative feelings towards the company, even after being laid off. Of course, a terminated employee won’t be thrilled about the situation, but if you show your care through outplacement, the blow will be a lot less harsh.

The cost of outplacement is not for naught

The added expense of implementing an outplacement program within the workplace is the main reason to forego it. Try not to see this as throwing away your money though. Studies have shown that outplacement can actually have a positive effect on business finances, even though it is a costly endeavor. Yes, you’ll need to pay for outplacement for each employee you wish to cover, but companies that invest in outplacement actually see a boost in overall profits.

Outplacement provides valuable life lessons

A common misconception is that outplacement professionals only offer resume writing services. This is completely untrue, at least as long as you choose a top-rated outplacement provider. In addition to resume writing, your employees will also get a chance to brush up on interviewing skills and learn the ins and outs of modern-day job searching.

Outplacement teaches valuable job searching skills, but that’s not all. One of the leading outplacement services, Employment Boost, even provides career planning sessions. These sessions have been known to serve as a guiding light to professionals feeling lost along their career paths.

It protects the company name from lawsuits

This shouldn’t be your main reason for outplacement investment, but it is a good one nonetheless. When a company leader takes initiative to provide outplacement to laid-off employees, they won’t just feel as if they are left to their own devices. Instead, they’ll at least feel grateful for the added support in finding a new job. Happy employees are much less likely to press charges on wrongful termination, protecting your company from lawsuits.