Why We Need Reforestation Projects To Continue

There are many charities where you could give your money to but arguably one of the most important right now is donating to reforestation projects. These organizations which are taking care of these projects are doing an absolutely phenomenal job and whilst you may not be aware of the great work that they are doing, you will certainly feel the benefits. 

Today we are going to take a look into why there are so any projects around the world who are seeking to plant trees and reforest huge areas of land, and what it means for the rest of the world. 

Animal Industry 

What many don’t recognize is the power which the meat industry has over the way in which our forests are controlled. The reason why so much of the rainforest is being razed is because of the fact that we need that space for crops, which we are then going to feed to animals prior to them being slaughtered. This is why there is such a push in so many fields for us to eat less meat, because it is actually causing great problems to our rainforests. 

Lungs of The Earth 

When you hear the likes of the Amazon rainforest being called the lungs of the Earth, this is a wholly factual statement. Ultimately so much of the Earth’s carbon is breathed in by these massive forests and then they release oxygen in return. The less forests we have, the less carbon they can digest and the more damage is done to the Earth’s atmosphere. 

Clearing Space

One of the worst things that we have seen with large areas of the rainforest is the clearing of space for no real reason. This could be for logging companies in some cases but we have also seen it happen solely so that private companies can take over the land. This is something which we simply cannot allow to continue. 

Now or Never 

For many years reforestation projects haven’t been done on a large scale, but in recent years we are seeing efforts ramped up. The reason for this is that we are simply at such a critical time that there really isn’t much more time to waste. We have to re build our rainforests, and we have to do it now before it is too late. 

Crop Production 

And finally we see rainforests regularly being cleared for other crop production such as palm oil and sugar. The reality is that we just cannot afford to give up this space for these crops and yet so many are refusing to do anything about protecting the land. Once again we see exactly why we require these organizations who can make a big difference when it comes to repopulating the forests. 

It is hard to know which charity to give to, but if you can spare some money each month then giving to a charity which is looking at reforestation projects would be a great idea.