Where Can You Locate Cheap Land For Sale?

Finding cheap land for sale isn’t as easy as it used to be, land isn’t as cheap anymore for starters, large developers are snapping up large pieces of land on the outskirts of major towns and cities for housing developments and large malls, and most land in cities has the premium price because it already has something built on it, even though the building may have been vacant for many years.

So is cheap land still available and what factors should you consider when purchasing cheap land?

Finding Cheap Land For Sale

Talk to local realtors and you will find that occasionally they do have land lots for sale but its rarely cheap, and as soon as its available there is a lot of interest in it.  You have to look a bit further afield and state your interest to several realtors before you start to get a couple of interesting land lots which may be a bit more affordable, but again there won’t be much choice and there will be competition.

Nowadays though, thankfully, due to the internet there are a couple of very good online land brokers who have networks of hundreds of realtors around the country that they list commercial and land properties and lots for sale.  These listings can be searched and sorted based on price, area, size and usage, so you can quickly find what is available according to your requirements.

There will be virgin land available in remote areas which has yet to be built on, or may already have a small holding, camp or cabin on it.  There will also be cheap land which already has some dilapidated buildings on it, that will likely need demolishing before anything else can be built on it. 

What to Consider When Choosing Cheap Land

To make your decision on which land to buy there are several factors to consider.  First of all is location key for you?  Do you need to be near a freeway, a large town or certain transport links, or can you afford to have land that is way out in the middle of nowhere?  If the latter is the case then you may be able to pick up some very good land very cheap.  But before jumping in to purchase it you just need to consider a few factors.

Does the land have road access to it ad through it?  If you are going to have to build roads across the land to use it then this can be an expensive investment.  Also if its not connected to another road and you have to pass through someone else’s land to access it then this could be problematic.

Secondly what utilities connect to the land, is there water, electricity, cell coverage, telephone lines?  You may struggle to live there never mind run a business from there if you don not have some of these important amenities.

So yes you can pick up land cheap but sometimes its worth paying more for land to make sure it has everything you need.