What to Expect from Lasik Eye Surgery Near Me

What to Expect from Lasik Eye Surgery Near Me

Lasik is a type of corrective eye surgery that reshapes the cornea. Lasik is done to correct refractive errors including hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness), and astigmatism (blurred vision). If your doctor or optometrist recommends Lasik, you may be left with questions about what to expect. Here is what to expect from Lasik surgery.

Before The Procedure

Before you undergo the procedure, a doctor has to evaluate whether you are a good candidate. They will also tell you what to do to prepare for the procedure. The doctor will tell you to stop wearing contact lenses a few weeks before evaluation and a few weeks before the procedure. This is because contact lenses can distort your cornea’s shape. Not wearing contact lenses for this period gives your corneas enough time to revert to their natural shape.

When the cornea assumes its natural shape and size, the doctor will be able to make accurate measurements and formulate the best surgical plan. Inaccurate measurements can lead to poor or blurry vision after the surgery.

During the Surgery

The Lasik procedure takes about 30 minutes. You will be placed in a reclining chair in a room with a laser system. The doctor will then numb your eyes using numbing drops and clean the area around the eye.

For the actual procedure, the doctor may use a mechanical microkeratome which is a blade, or a laser keratome which is a laser device. Both of these cut a flap on the cornea to get access to deeper corneal tissue. Once enough tissue has been removed according to your initial measurements, the flap will be put back into position The reshaped cornea will be able to help focus light in the right spot at the back of the eye to make your vision clearer.

After the Surgery

The doctor will give you a shield to protect your eyes to ensure you do not rub them. You should also wear this shield while you sleep to avoid putting any pressure on the eye. You should also have arranged transportation when booking in for lasik eye surgery near me. This is because you will likely have blurred vision due to the medication used to relax the eyes during the procedure. Even if you do not drive, do not go home alone to avoid any accidents due to your blurred vision.

Recovery After Surgery

Recovery is different for everyone, as is the time it will take to heal. Most people experience sensitivity to light and halos when they look at lights. Your eyes may also be bloodshot, but that is perfectly normal and it should go away in a few days.

You should also plan on taking a few days off work and avoid any contact sports to reduce the risk of injury. If you experience any pain, excessive itching sensations, or worsening vision, you should talk to a doctor immediately.

Lasik is a relatively simple procedure that will make your vision better. It is somewhat invasive but because of the results it produces, it is worth it. You can say goodbye to contact lenses and prescription glasses after getting Lasik suregry.