What Are the Best Types of Holiday for Adventure Lovers?

Some people go on holiday to relax on a beach, others go because they want to let loose and party until the sun rises. But for a select few, they travel because they want to go on an adventure and experience something new. If you’re the latter of these three, then this is the right article for you. We’re going to be discussing all the best types of holiday for adventure lovers, so keep reading if you need inspiration for your next great expedition. Here they are:


Let’s start with an obvious one. There’s no better way to explore the great outdoors and become one with nature than camping. You’re without the luxuries of day to day life, such as a warm shower or cooking hob, so you must learn how to be entirely self-sufficient. Set up shelter by yourself; boil water in a much more traditional manner; face up against treacherous weather and learn how to create your own campfire. There’s something to said for bringing everything back to the basics. It’s a surprisingly cathartic experience which teaches adventurers to be proud of their small accomplishments and take pleasure from the simple beauty life has to offer.

Road Trips

If you’d prefer getting less down and dirty, then taking a road trip in a motorhome is the next best option for adventure lovers. Once again, you’re entirely self-sufficient but with a much bigger scope. Take your holiday at your own pace and go wherever you want to go. You could travel through pastoral England or ramble through the Scottish Highlands; there’s even the option to ferry across to greater Europe and see where that takes you. Or drive, hike, and visit a volcano eruption site in Iceland, among the countless experiences to be had on this epic road trip. Perhaps the best thing about holidaying via campervan is you can experience everything the world has to offer from the comfort of your own home. Companies like https://www.roseisle.com offer great deals for campervans so they’re worth checking out.


Going on a barge trip is very similar to holidaying with a motorhome, except you’ve moved from the land to the water. Commandeer your very own boat (regardless of your experience levels) and travel across the world, anchoring up wherever you want. For those who love swashbuckling, this is the perfect holiday. The living quarters are normally nestled into the belly of the boat with porthole windows, while the kitchen and helm are on the upper level. After a long day of boating, you can kick back and enjoy the evening by looking out across tranquil rivers or exploring city harbours.


Enjoy the serenity of isolation by booking a log cabin in a remote location. Cosy down each evening and explore the surrounding area during the day, all the while self-catering. It’s a great way to combine adventure with relaxation. Many cabin holidays are eco-friendly nowadays, making them ideal for those who love nature, too. Find one anywhere from the UK to the middle of the Bornean rainforest.

These are our top picks for those who want an adventure on their next holiday. Escape the troubles of daily life and experience everything the world has to offer.