Victor Restis: Supporting Infant Children Through Local Non-Profits

Mitera – or Mother – is the Center for the Protection of the Children of Attica. It was developed for the purpose of providing a safe and comforting ‘home’ environment where young children reside following an intervention from the prosecutor, or child welfare services after evidence of family abuse or violence.

The center operates three branches throughout Greece providing care for infants and young children who have been removed from their homes due to instability, abuse, or violence. Victor Restis and the Restis family, in cooperation with the staff of Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A., provide the children IN the care of Mother all necessary educational materials and necessities for their stay.

The Restis family is very active in development and education programs and even ensure appropriate celebrations are provided during holidays. 

In January 2012, the staff of the company Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A. and the Restis family conducted a supply drive to be donated to the center and its children. Items such as diapers, milk, shampoo, medicines and other food and clothing were collected and delivered to the organization’s infant center.  This contribution by Victor Restis and the family foundation helped the center in its mission to care for children in need of the State’s support. 

Mother currently accommodates more than 100 children from newborns to ages up to 8. The children are cared for by pediatric nurses and are regularly monitored by pediatricians and psychologists.

Additionally, Mother operates an adoption and foster care program and is responsible for monitoring and protecting each child placed within its foster care system. Mother also works with pregnant women, providing lodging, food and healthcare.

Victor Restis and the family foundation are very active in maintaining ongoing support of Mother and similar organizations that care for and protect children both in Greece and in many countries around the world.