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Tracy Morgan’s Net Worth And Personal Life

Tracy Morgan’s Net Worth And Personal Life

Tracy Morgan is a famous American actor and comedian. Forbes has stated that Morgan’s net worth is an incredible $50 million.

Tracy Morgan was born on November 10th, 1968. The celebrity came from humble beginnings. Therefore, Morgan’s career has become an inspiration to anyone who has faced struggles in their life.

How Tracy Morgan Built His Net Worth

Tracy Morgan has an incredible success story in regards to building his wealth. Morgan was a high school dropout at 17 years old. He already had a child and was about to get married.

Morgan grew up in a rough neighborhood in the Bronx. He never knew what a life of luxury meant. However, he was talented and hardworking. Tracy was able to hustle hard and amass an incredible net worth.

Morgan made a name for himself as a comedian on the streets. Later, he was able to book gigs at local comedy clubs. Comedy came naturally to Morgan. He was able to successfully capitalize off of his talent.

A large chunk of Morgan’s net worth can be attributed to his stint on Saturday Night Live. This show also gave him national exposure.

Morgan soon moved from comedy into other realms in the entertainment industry. He realized that he was also a talented actor.

Due to this, numerous television shows and films casted Morgan. The comedian has also acted in many commercials.

Morgan has also accumulated wealth through his hosting ventures. He has hosted many events and award shows throughout his career. 

Morgan released an autobiography, I Am the New Black, in 2009. The book takes readers through his life in Brooklyn to making it as a comedian. Morgan continues to make money off of the sales of this book.

A Walmart employee struck Morgan’s limousine in 2014. A large portion of his wealth is derived from this unfortunate event.

Morgan and his team subsequently sued Walmart for negligence. Walmart settled the case on May 27th, 2015. Morgan and fellow comedian, Ardie Fuqua, received at least $90 million in compensation. 

All of these factors have contributed to Morgan’s high net worth. 

Early Life

Tracy Morgan had a difficult upbringing. Morgan grew up in an unstable environment. Therefore, he had to grow up quickly. 

Morgan is the second eldest of five children. His mother was a stay-at-home mom, and his father was a military veteran. His father subsequently became addicted to heroin upon returning home. 

Unfortunately, his father was unable to get sober. He left the family when Morgan was 6 years old. Morgan’s father was diagnosed with AIDS when he was 17 years old. This was due to hypodermic needle use.

Morgan subsequently dropped out of high school. He reasoned that taking care of his father took precedence over his studies. Morgan married his then-girlfriend, Sabina, later that year. 

Morgan was living on welfare at this time. He was newly married, had a one-year old child, and was caring for his sick father. This was a lot for a teenager to take on. 

Morgan began selling crack cocaine in an attempt to make ends meet. At this point, Morgan’s best friend suggested that Morgan try comedy. His best friend was tragically murdered the next week.

Tracy Morgan’s Personal Life

Morgan took the death of his best friend as a wake-up call. He then decided that he needed to turn his life around. He began doing stand-up comedy in the Bronx.

It was clear that Morgan was talented in this realm. He quickly moved from performing on the streets to comedy clubs. 

Morgan continued to make a name for himself over the next few years. He and his wife also welcomed 3 more children.

However, Morgan battled internal issues. He did not maintain a close relationship with any of his family members. Morgan and his wife divorced in 2009. 

Furthermore, Morgan was diagnosed with diabetes. For years, Morgan struggled with an alcohol addiction. Morgan received a kidney transplant in 2010. These two conditions made this procedure necessary. 

Morgan was involved in a fatal car collision in 2014. Morgan was a part of a stand-up comedy tour with other comedians. One of the comedians, who was a close friend of Morgan’s, passed away.

Morgan also sustained intense injuries. A helicopter took him to the hospital. Morgan had a broken leg and femur, broken nose, and several broken ribs. He had to undergo surgery for his leg. 

This horrific accident took years of recovery. Morgan suffered from a traumatic brain injury. He dealt with severe depression while in recovery. 

Morgan and Megan Wollover were engaged at the time. He also recognizes that Wollover was an incredible support system to him. The pair were married in 2015. 

Morgan and Wollover welcomed their daughter, Maven Sonae Morgan, into the world in 2013. This was Morgan’s fourth child. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 2020. 

Best Tracy Morgan Quotes

Tracy Morgan is a critically acclaimed comedian. However, he has overcome huge hurdles to get to where he is. Here are some of his most notable quotes:

And when I was angry, when I was younger, I was in a cocoon. Now I’m a beautiful, black butterfly.

You get somebody to crack a smile, that’s a beautiful thing.

What I have learned over the years is to try to stay in the moment. I want to feel it all because I’ve realized nothing lasts.

I’ve been funny my whole life. This is a gift God gave me.

It’s just, people recognize you for your work, you know? They love you for your work, and they judge you for your work. It’s awesome to have people quoting you. I love it.

Career Highlights

Tracy Morgan started to gain national attention for his role in Uptown Comedy Club from 1992-1994. He then starred in the HBO series Snaps in 1995. 

Morgan maintained a good relationship with HBO. He appeared in their Def Comedy Jam twice.

Morgan started to become a household name in 1996. This is when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. 

Morgan was a regular performer until 2003. However, he returned to host the show numerous times over the next few decades.

30 Rock was a television series that was loosely based around Morgan. Tracy Morgan portrayed a caricature of himself in this series. 

The show ran from 2006 to 2013. Critics received the show extremely well. Morgan was nominated for ‘Outstanding Supportive Actor’ at the 2009 Emmy Awards.

Morgan has appeared in numerous stand-up comedy specials over the years. Furthermore, he has performed on a lot of comedy tours. 

Closing Thoughts on Tracy Morgan’s Net Worth

Tracy Morgan has defied all odds throughout his lifetime. Evidently, he is the definition of what it means to be a ‘self-made millionaire.’ Morgan has been actively working in the entertainment industry for over 30 years.

Morgan has had a difficult life. He has faced everything from a tumultuous childhood to a near-death experience as an adult. However, Morgan has managed to cope with these hurdles through comedy.

Morgan continues to work hard in all of his business ventures. Therefore, his net worth will continue to increase. This is due to his dedication and perseverance.

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