Top Tips For A Smooth Property Settlement In Perth 


It’s quite a life-altering situation when you buy or sell a property, and as much as it can be quite exciting, the property settlement process can be quite complicated and difficult.

The Perth real estate market is plagued by several problems and it can be quite challenging and consequential to venture into buying properties alone. 

However, with a professional settlement agent service in Perth, you can make the property settlement process easy for you. Here are some tips that will help you smoothen your real estate transactions. 

Tips That Simplify The Property Settlement Process 

To have peace of mind when buying a property, it’s best you do everything within your capabilities to ensure everything goes smoothly. Here are some tips that simplify the process. 

Plan Ahead 

Looking to purchase a property? Plan for it months ahead. Get all required documents at the ready, and also make plans for the purchasing fee. This way, you prepare yourself well in advance for problems that could hamper the settlement process. 

Work With A Reputable Settlement Agent 

Having a professional settlement agent to work with significantly reduces your workload in the entire settlement process. And you can hire a professional settlement agent in Perth who has hundreds of successful property sales below his belt. 

Professional settlement agents carry out the necessary legal and financial activities involved in property sales. Plus, they also advise you on the steps regarding the entire settlement process.  

Have A Pre-approved Loan At The Ready 

Pre-approved loans help boost your negotiating power as they prove to the buyer that you’re pretty serious about acquiring the property. This helps in budgeting for the property payment and also speeding up settlement activities. 

Carefully Review the Contract of Sale & The Legal Requirements

Of course, the settlement agent goes through all the documents involved in the settlement process, but you should also go through them to ensure there are no problems. If you don’t understand any legal terms, you can ask your settlement agent as he/she is quite experienced in property settlements.  

Conduct A Pre-Settlement Inspection 

To successfully buy a property void of defects or damages, hire a professional inspector to inspect the property before concluding the settlement process. If damages are found, you and the seller can renegotiate the price, but if there are none and the property is in good condition, you can go on with the process. 

Obtain Home Insurance 

Before the settlement process is over, be sure you get home insurance for the property. This puts your mind to rest and keeps you safe from negative, circumstantial problems.

Prepare Well In Advance For Additional Costs 

Additional costs like stamp duty, land tax, escrow fees, and the like typically come alongside the property’s purchase price. So, be sure you consider them while making financial plans to acquire the property. 

Be In Touch With The Required Parties 

Staying informed on the entire settlement process is quite important. This is why you should be in constant communication with your settlement agent, real estate agent, and other required parties involved. 

Prepare Logistics for Moving

If you intend to move in after the property settlement is concluded, you should prepare well in advance. Pack your belongings, book a moving service, and prepare for the disconnection and reconnection of your old place and new place respectively. 

Conduct Additional Inspections 

You should conduct pre-settlement as well as pest inspections to be sure of how safe the property is. This ensures you are getting a property that is free from any potential danger. 

Update Your Personal Information

If you intend to move in after you’ve concluded the property settlement with the seller, you should let relevant institutions like banks know about your change of address. This ensures you don’t have problems with them. 

Enjoy Your New Home 

Once the property settlement process is over, you can then relax and celebrate with your family. However, ensure you store all the property settlement documents in a file. This makes it easily accessible for reference purposes.

Problems You’re Likely To Face If You Don’t Work With A Settlement Agent 

Of course, representing yourself in a real estate transaction seems cost-saving but quite frankly, it can result in many problems for you. Here are the problems you’re likely to run into without a seasoned, professional settlement agent working with you. 

  • You may misunderstand specific legal terms and conditions and this could lead to legal disputes that could cost you money. 
  • Without a well-experienced settlement agent, you may miss some significant deadlines in the property settlement process which could result in delays and attract some penalty fees.
  • You may not discover hidden risks and costs involved in purchasing a property without a professional settlement agent. 
  • If you’re a first-time buyer, the entire settlement process can be quite complicated and time-consuming for you and this is why the role of a settlement agent is essential. 


Property settlement can be quite complicated and to make the process easier for you, observe these tips and ensure you work with an experienced settlement agent with a track record of many successful property sales.