Top 6 Qualities of Real Estate Agent: What to Look For

Buying or selling a home has many different steps that can be hard to navigate. Check out these top qualities of a real estate agent and what to look for.

Did you know there are approximately 83 million homeowners in the United States? And it’s only going up. In the last year, there were nearly 2.1 million new home purchases.

The joy of getting your keys and moving in is nearly indescribable. But alongside that celebration comes a lot of paperwork and red tape. Do you have a real estate agent on your team?

The qualities of a real estate agent will impact how you feel about them. And it can make or break the process of buying your home.

Read on to learn the traits of a real estate agent you want to consider before working together. 

1. Great Track Record and Experience

When choosing your real estate agent, you’ll want to take a look at how long they’ve been in the business. There’s nothing wrong with a rookie. But you’ll probably feel more comfortable with someone experienced.

They’ll have a proven track record and will know how to handle anything that comes up. Pay attention also when choosing a real estate broker vs agent. A broker will have gone through continuing education and certification.

They can then supervise agents. This also means they may be less open to lowering their commission fees. 

2. Flexible Schedule

You may not be able to go to house viewings if you’re also juggling your 9-5 job. One of the best real estate agent qualities is flexibility around time.

Look for a real estate agent who can book viewings for you that work with your free time. 

3. Highly Recommended

In the real estate business, your network is your net worth. A good real estate agent will understand this. They’ll make sure to provide excellent customer service.

Before you choose an agent, ask for references. Be sure to follow up on their provided references. Ask your friends and family members if they liked their agent.

Make sure you meet with a few agents before you make your choice. And be sure to look up online reviews about the agency or agents.

4. Good Communicator 

One of the subjective characteristics of a real estate agent is communication. Do you like the way the real estate agents communicate? Do you feel respected and heard?

You should leave interactions feeling that your agent had time and energy for you. 

5. Organized 

A not-so-fun part of buying a new home is all the paperwork. There will be forms and bills you need to track. Plus you may need to organize home inspections and viewings.

You’ll want to find a well-organized agent. Their organization will help you stay on track with what you need to do. And they’ll be able to catch anything you’re missing. 

6. Open About Fees

Real estate agents generally earn around 5-6% of the home sale price as commission. You can discuss this with your agent.

Some are open to lowering the fee. If you’re upfront from the start, you may find they are open to discussing lower commissions with you.

The Best Qualities of a Real Estate Agent

There are so many real estate agent traits to measure while you’re choosing. But you’ll be glad you did once the process begins. When the qualities of a real estate agent align with your goals, you’ll feel calm.

The process will be organized, clear, and go according to your needs and schedule. As you get ready to purchase a home, things can move quickly. You’ll want to know your agent is right there with you. 

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