Top 5 Magic Wand Vibrators for Your Best Orgasm Yet


If you’re looking for powerful orgasms, you can’t get much better than a wand vibrator. Wand vibrators provide some of the most intense, rumbly vibrations that sex toys can offer – we’re talking full-on clitoral orgasms in just a number of minutes. 

What is a magic wand vibrator?

A magic wand vibrator is a vibrating sex toy used typically and exclusively on the external body (the clitoris, in particular.) These vibrators are super rumbly, providing deep tissue massage and intense vibrations that can quickly become overwhelming if you go too fast.

Magic wand vibrators are ideal if you need intense clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, or if you’re single and want a sex toy that delivers fuss-free orgasms on a daily basis. Magic wand vibrators are also great if you’re simply looking to experiment with the most intense vibrations that a sex toy can provide – but do be warned, these things are pretty powerful!

Magic wand vibrator: the first-ever vibrator for women?

The magic wand was one of the first vibrators for women, although it wasn’t actually a vibrator when first designed! The Japanese company Hitachi created the magic wand for deep muscle stimulation, designed to be used by athletes.

However, sex educator Betty Dodson soon discovered another use for this massage tool in the 60s and promoted its use as a vibrator in her Bodysex workshops. It didn’t take long for the idea of the magic wand to take off, and nowadays you can find hundreds of magic wands with various features, sizes, and attachments to make it even better! 

Why are magic wand vibrators so good?

Magic wand vibrators are so good because they have powerful motors: while lots of vibrators are buzzy, battery-operated, and too weak to provide a powerful finish, magic wand vibrators are almost guaranteed to help you arrive at that Big O! 

Why we love magic wand vibrators:

  • They’re perfect for intense solo masturbation 
  • They’re ideal if you struggle to orgasm
  • Most wands can be adjusted with wand attachments to become multi-functional
  • Wands are significantly more powerful than typical vibrators (bullets, rabbit vibrators)
  • You can use wands everywhere on the external body
  • You can buy wands in mini versions, for ease of portability and discretion

Top 5 Magic Wand Vibrators

Have we convinced you about the power of a fab wand vibrator? When it comes to picking a wand vibrator, you’re going to want to first read user reviews online and buy a toy that best suits your needs. Here are our top picks: 

  1. Le Wand Mini Massager Wand

The Le Wand mini massager is the perfect starter toy – with 10 vibration speeds, you can customize your experience and explore the full spectrum of wand vibrations. 

  1. Lovehoney Deluxe Mini Wand

Lovehoney has a fantastic range of affordable and high-end sex toys, and their Deluxe mini wand is a great example of a wand with high power, high quality, and body-safe materials guaranteed to ensure safe play. While Lovehoney does offer a full-sized magic wand, this version boasts the best magic wand vibrator rating and is suitable for travel, the shower, and is even discreet enough to slip between the sheets during sex. 

  1. Dame ‘Com’ Wand

Dame Products is a women-focused sex toy brand which launched their brand with the first-ever hands-free clitoral vibrator. Since the launch of their first vibrator, Dame Products have only expanded, and the latest addition to their crop of high-quality, beautiful sex toys is the “Com” wand. With an ergonomic handle making it perfect for solo use, this wand boasts 5 vibrating speeds and 5 vibrating patterns: perfect as a first-time wand. 

  1. Le Wand Full Size Massager Wand

If you’re looking for something truly powerful, Le Wand’s full-size wand massager promises incredible results in a sleek, elegant, luxe package. Made with the highest-quality silicone and ABS plastic, this toy is made with women in mind. When it comes to the full-sized wand, you can choose between a cordless, rechargeable version or a mains-operated toy for pleasure that can last all night!

  1. We-Vibe Magic Wand

We-Vibe are true sex toy connaisseurs, and their ingeuinity isn’t lost on their magic wand vibrator! While you might think that the magic wand formula is simple, We-Vibe manage to add their own twist: this magic wand boasts a smooth, silicone design and curved shaft – perfect for hitting that spot! This wand even comes with free silicone attachments, so you can make your wand the most versatile toy in your collection!

How to Use A Magic Wand Vibrator

Magic wand vibrators can be used by all genders, but this has to be the best vibrator for women available on the sex toy market. Here’s how to use a magic wand vibrator for intense orgasms:

Go slow

It’s important not to rush it when experimenting with a magic wand vibrator – these toys are super powerful and wand vibrations can quickly overwhelm you if you go straight in on the highest settings. Instead, start on the lower settings before building your way up to the highest settings. 

Solo Masturbation 

Because they can be quite bulky, magic wand vibrators aren’t ideal for use during sex, but are perfect for use during solo masturbation! Pair your wand with some lube and enjoy some alone time with your powerful toy. 

Use With a Partner

While it can be too bulky to use during sex, who says that partner play must be limited to penetration? You can use this toy before sex and during foreplay to build arousal and excitement. Make sure to go slow and don’t overwhelm your partner on the highest settings.  

Take it into the shower

Lots of magic wands are waterproof, which means you can safely take them into the shower or bath. Always make sure to check the instructions – splashproof toys can only be taken into the shower, while if a toy is labeled “submersible” it can be used safely in the bath. 

Keep it Clean

No matter how you use your toy, it’s essential that you keep it clean. Some wand vibrators will be USB rechargeable or have electronic parts, so always check the cleaning instructions in order to wash your toy safely.