Three Tips for Playing Ohio State Lottery Draw Games


The odds better be in your favor! The odds of winning the Classic Lotto game from the Ohio state lottery are one in 13,983,816. But having just one winning ticket can set you up for life.

There is no harm in buying a couple of tickets for Ohio state lottery draw games. Yet you shouldn’t rush to your local convenience store just yet. You need to know a few things about the state lottery.

What games can you play? Besides the Classic Lotto, what are the odds of winning the lottery like? How can you pick the right numbers?

Answer these questions and you can make money off of the lotto in no time. Here are three tips for playing.

1. Look at a Few Different Ohio Lottery Games

The Ohio Lottery runs a few different games, each of which is played multiple times a week. Instant win games let you know right away if you’ve won or not. You can buy scratch-off cards and do EZPLAY Games, which are quick lotteries performed every few minutes.

Classic Lotto is a lottery game open only to Ohio residents. You select six numbers out of 49 options and try to match all of them. Even if you match five, you win $1,500.

The Ohio Lottery also offers multistate games. You can play Lucky for Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball. Jackpots can total tens of millions of dollars if you match all numbers, and tickets cost less than $5. Do be aware that you may need to show ID to buy tickets if you appear to be younger than 18, you can find out more here if you need to acquire one.

2. Understand Your Odds of Winning

Ohio lottery games are easier to win than multistate lottery games like Powerball because you have fewer competitors. But thousands of Ohio residents still play Ohio draw games. Your odds of winning any game are very small.

The best way to increase your odds is to buy multiple tickets. You should pick different combinations of numbers so you are more likely to match something. Your odds do not increase if you buy tickets with the same numbers or if you play more often.

3. Pick the Right Numbers

Some people prefer selecting random numbers, assuming that Ohio lottery games are based on pure luck. That is true, so you can pick the first numbers that pop into your head.

You should avoid picking winning combinations from previous years. The odds of the exact combination occurring again are very slim. But you can take numbers that have appeared in multiple combinations and put them on your tickets.

Watch the draws every night and take notes on the numbers that appear. The draw schedule is linked here, and you can record the draws on television.

Play the Ohio State Lottery the Right Way

The Ohio state lottery is waiting for you. You can try scratch-off cards, EZPLAY Games, and traditional lottery games. Feel free to try a few multistate lotteries as well.

Your odds of winning only increase when you buy multiple tickets for a drawing. Be diverse with your number selection and don’t match combinations from previous drawings. Keep in mind that your chances are very small, so don’t spend too much money on the lottery.

Ohio is just one state you can play the lottery in. Read more state lottery guides by following our coverage.