Things to Do After You Finished Organising a Large Conference

It’s not easy organising a conference that involves hundreds, if not, thousands of attendees. You still need to do a lot of things even after you have successfully hosted the event. 

Send thank you emails

You have to thank all the attendees during the event. Let them know that you appreciate them for taking part in the conference. It’s also a way of motivating them to come back for future conferences that you host. 

Ask for feedback

You also need to consider asking for feedback from the attendees. You want to know how they feel about your organisational skills. Every aspect of the conference needs to be a part of the evaluation. From the conference venue to the type of dishes served, you have to ask for the right feedback. You can find ways to improve future conferences once you have asked for feedback from attendees. Make sure that they’re honest about how they feel. You want them to be blunt about the assessment so you won’t make the same mistakes in the future. You can either hand out a survey form or conduct a small group discussion.

Meet with your team

After you receive the results of the evaluation, it’s time to talk to your team. You have to determine what went wrong; decide how you can improve things in the future. You can also talk about the strengths of the team, how everyone helps each other to host the event. It’s also your opportunity to thank your team members for lending a hand. Some of them might even be volunteers because they want to make the conference happen. Even if there are flaws, you still have a million reasons to express your gratitude.

Talk to your suppliers 

You partnered with a lot of companies and individuals to make this conference happen. You need to speak with them after the event and say thank you for the services provided. If you have feedback or a complaint, you also need to express this to the suppliers. You might have partnerships in the future, and you don’t want the same problems to occur. Use the information obtained from the attendees in determining what to say to the suppliers. If you still have payment issues, it’s time to settle them. You can also ask for receipts and other documents that you need for accounting purposes.

Plan the next conference 

It’s never too early to determine what you will do for the next conference. While you still have the energy to gather your team and come up with the next ideas, you have to start. You might forget what to do after months have passed and you are yet to start. It also helps to prepare earlier this time so that you won’t make the same mistakes for future conferences.

If the issue during the previous conference was the venue, it might be better to look for a different one. You can look for large conference venues in the UK that are more appropriate for the event. Even if you have to spend a lot, it’s okay if it means that you can satisfy your attendees.