The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Disney DVC Resale

Have you heard of Disney DVC resale but don't really know what it is or how it works? Keep reading and learn all about it here.

If you are a big fan of Disney and are interested in the Disney Vacation Club (DVC), you might have heard of the Disney DVC resale. But what is it?

Disney launched the DVC in 1991, and it has continued to expand since then. There are over 250,000 members from all the US states and 100 countries. It has also developed with the Disney DVC resale market, which has made DVC accessible to many Disney fans.

Do you want to learn about the magic of Disney DVC resale? Read on to find out! 

What Is Disney DVC Resale?

A Disney DVC resale is when you buy the DVC contract from the person who owns it instead of Disney. It is an excellent way for sellers to ensure someone can use your DVC contract if you have new commitments.

And for buyers, it offers huge savings. It is also secure, as contracts can only be sold by the owner or person with a real estate license. Plus, there are checks resale websites and Disney use to confirm validity. 

Buy DVC Points for Resale

You find the contract, make an offer, then wait to hear from Disney about the right of first refusal. They have 30 days to buy back the contract if they feel it is priced too low, which helps control the resale market. 

The membership means you purchase a deeded real estate interest in one of the Disney Vacation Resorts, which is your home resort. You also buy an amount of DVC points to book DVC resorts. You can rent DVC points, and loved ones can use them. 

There is a minimum limit when you buy DVC points when you go direct, but with the resale market, there is no minimum. There is also a DVC points chart every year, so there is an updated DVC 2021 points chart. It can be helpful to use a DVC point calculator to work out how many points you need. 

Benefits of DVC Resale

The Disney DVC resale offers significant savings of thousands of dollars, which means you save money and buy more DVC points. You still have plenty of contracts to choose from, without a minimum on how many DVC points you need to buy. 

You get some of the DVC benefits, such as pool hopping and magic hours. You also get access to the RCI exchange program to make reservations at over 2,000 RCI resorts. Plus, you know there is a strong market if you need to sell. 

Some drawbacks are that you do not get shopping and dining discounts or special member events, such as cruises. There are some limitations to using DVC points on new resorts being built, such as the Rivera. 

Find a Disney DVC Resale Provider

Disney DVC resale is essentially a magical way into the Disney Vacation Club. There are many benefits of the resale market. But pick a reputable DVC resale provider for the best options, such as many contracts, financing, and flexible contracts.

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