The Types of HVAC Systems for Your House

There are several different types of HVAC systems that you have to choose from for your house. Learn more about your options by clicking here.

Here in the U.S., we’re pretty reliant on air conditioning and heating to get by. Research from the U.S Energy Information Administration suggests that air conditioning alone makes up about 12% of our residential energy spending!

In other words, you’re in good company if you’re preoccupied with getting your home up to an ideal temperature. Of course, finding the right system for the job is easier said than done, especially because there are so many types of HVAC systems to choose from!

As you work to find the right unit, here’s what to know about the different types of systems on the market today.

Split System

If you have a home heating and air conditioning, it’s likely you use a split system, which is the most common HVAC system in use in the U.S. This system is “split” in that there are separate units for both heating and cooling.

These units are placed in different parts of your home. Inside, you’ll find the furnace as well as your thermostat, fans, and evaporators. Outside, you’ll find the compressors and refrigerant.

Hybrid System

As the name suggests, this system is a “hybrid” in terms of power. It can use either gas or electricity, making it great for homeowners who need access to both options.

The electricity use, of course, makes this option more eco-friendly than other options on this list. As a result, hybrid systems have become popular in recent years, though building automation experts can help you decide whether or not this system will work well on your property.

Ductless Mini-Split System

You may hear this system simply called a “mini-split,” but as the name suggests, it also doesn’t use ducts to circulate air throughout your home. This makes it different from both split systems and hybrid systems, which require a series of ducts to blow air into the rooms of your home.

Mini-split systems are often easier to install in older homes or in properties where it would be too complicated to install a duct network. Instead, you’ll install a separate unit in each area of your home. These units have the ability to heat and cool your rooms, and because they work independently of each other, you often have more nuanced control over how much energy you’re using in your household.

Packaged System

These systems are less common, but you’ll still find them in homes throughout the U.S. With a packaged system, all of the components required for your air conditioning and heating sit inside a single unit, which you’ll often place in the attic or a high area of your home.

Understand the Different Types of HVAC Systems

It’s safe to say that choosing the right air conditioning unit can have a huge impact on your future comfort—which is why it’s so crucial to understand the basic types of HVAC systems. The residential systems we’ve discussed above are among the most popular in use today, and any one of them would be a great choice for your home. As you weigh your options, don’t hesitate to reach out to an expert HVAC company for specific insights!

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