The Top 7 Cheap Places to Live in America

Want to buy a house in a place you can afford? Take a look at the top cheap places to live in America for some inspiration.

Did you know that the average cost of living for an American is over $5,000 per month?

If you’re tired of throwing away the money that you work hard for on necessities, then you might be wondering what you can do to cut your expenses. One of the most effective things that you should consider is moving to one of the cheapest places to live in the country.

Do you need help finding cheap places to live? Keep reading for 7 of the best locations for people who want to build their savings.

1. Huntsville, Alabama

If you’re on the hunt for cost-effective places to live, then you can’t go wrong with Huntsville, Alabama. Here you can enjoy tons of amenities while still securing a beautiful house and competitive home mortgage.

2. Kalamazoo, Michigan

Another one of the best cheap places to move to is Kalamazoo, Michigan because everyone’s salaries tend to be lower. Your best strategy for moving here is to keep your current job and start telecommuting.

3. Fayetteville, Arkansas

A great tip for securing a cheap home without sacrificing the quality of your life is to search for cities that are starting to grow. Fayetteville is undergoing a fantastic makeover so be sure to go now to lock in the deals.

4. Fort Wayne, Indiana

There are plenty of cities in the Midwest that are much cheaper compared to the rest of the country. Fort Wayne is a charming gem that you’ll be proud to call home.

5. Harlingen, Texas

Harlingen has topped the charts for the number one cheapest city in America for several years and the cost of living continues to hold steady. If you want to rent an apartment, the cost will be around 40% less than other cities in America.

6. Knoxville, Tennessee

If you want to know where to live in America where you can enjoy a bustling city scene while still being close to nature, then Knoxville is your dream destination. With so much to do at a fair price, you’ll never run out of entertainment or money.

7. Lynchburg, Virginia

From housing to groceries and even gas, Lynchburg has always been reliable when it comes to staying well below the national averages as well. In addition, this city has one of the lowest unemployment rates, which is wonderful for anyone who wants to find a new job.

Now You Know the Top Cheap Places to Live in America

Learning about cheap places to live in America can empower you to start making plans to move. While relocating can be a stressful and expensive ordeal, setting down roots in an affordable area can work wonders for your savings in the long run.

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