The Top 5 Finance Resources You Need to Know About in 2021

Following the coronavirus pandemic, it's more important than ever to look after your money. Here are the best finance resources available this year.

There’s no denying that 2020 was a terrible year for so many Americans. The coronavirus pandemic hit the economy hard. There are still high rates of hardship throughout the country. 

If this pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that not it’s more important than ever to look after our money. If you want to learn how to look out for your money you need to read this guide. 

This guide outlines 5 of the top finance resources you must know about and use this year. 

1. Nerdwallet Blog 

Nerdwallet has been around since 2009. This personal finance resource can help you make good financial decisions. You’ll find posts that cover several topics – from banking options to credit cards. 

The financial tools found on the website can help you find the best accounts and credit cards on the market. If you’re thinking of applying for a loan, the financial tools will inform you of the loans that have good terms. 

2. The Penny Hoarder

Another great blog that focuses on finance is The Penny Hoarder. It has been providing financial resources for more than a decade. More than 12 million readers per month access this blog. 

There is an unlimited number of posts on The Penny Hoarder. You’ll find posts that discuss how to make money. The money-making ideas in this blog do work. This money management blog will help you make sure you save your money too. 

3. Learn How to Invest

If you want to learn how to better invest your money turn to Investing 101. This book is one of the best investing books on the market. Author Michele Cagan goes over everything you must know to build your investment portfolio.

Cagan does a great job simplifying complex financial concepts. Her approach in this book makes it a comprehensive financial resource. Consider this book, your go-to investing manual. 

4. Learn How to Budget

One of the best ways to look after your money is to budget your budget. Don’t know how to budget your money? Read the book, Easy Money. 

Author Gail Vaz-Oxlade discusses her budgeting method in this book. She makes it easy for anyone to budget their money. Follow her advice and you’ll learn how to save money. 

5. Listen to Finance-Focused Podcasts

If you’re into podcasts, subscribe to the Wealthability podcast. Tom Wheelwright is the host of this podcast. He focuses on helping subscribers achieve their financial dreams. 

To help his subscribers build wealth and pay less tax, he’ll teach wealth and tax strategies. In less than an hour, you’ll learn all his strategies. 

Use These Finance Resources

Managing your money is one thing you need to focus on this year. This guide lists 5 great finance resources. You can choose to read a blog or a book. 

If you prefer to sit back and listen to a podcast, you can listen to the Wealthability podcast. This podcast beats all the other money podcasts. 

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