The Major Health Benefits of the Best Combination Sauna

It’s time to stop popping those pills for the health benefits you’re after. It turns out that the ultimate health and wellness can be achieved by one simple habit: visiting a sauna. Sauna bathing has been a common practice in Finland for centuries. In fact, ancient records from around the world show that sauna bathing was a part of the everyday culture in many locations.

To this day, visiting a sauna is still an extremely common practice. Many gym memberships include access to top infrared and the best combination sauna rooms on the market. Plenty of individuals visit a sauna merely because it feels nice, but did you know that a trip to the sauna is actually a major health-booster?

Basics of a Sauna

Chances are you have some familiarity with what a sauna actually is. If not, it is a room where people go to “sweat it out” and relax in dry (or wet) heat. Here are a few things you should know before using a sauna:

  • Never sauna on a hangover or when you are dehydrated. It is important to have plenty of fluids within your system before your sauna session as to not become dehydrated while you sweat.
  • If you are pregnant or have any major health issues, like a cardiovascular problem, consult with a medical professional before a trip to the sauna.
  • Follow the temperature and timing instructions and don’t overdo it. Some people feel that additional time or a hotter temperature results in more health benefits, but this is not the case. It can be dangerous to go over the time/temperature recommendations.

Sauna Health Benefits

In addition to detoxifying the body through sweating, a sauna can do so much for your health. One major health benefit of regular sauna use is pain relief. Medical News Today says that the heat increases circulation throughout the body, and “increased circulation may help reduce muscle soreness, improve joint movement, and ease arthritis pain.”

On top of relieving pain, a trip to the sauna (or visiting your in-home sauna) can majorly reduce stress. There is something extremely calming about the heat, and it has been proven to lower cortisol levels in the model, which in turn lowers stress. You can go all out with the whole relaxation thing by listening to calming music as you sauna, or even try meditating.

Did you know that sauna-ing can improve the overall look of skin? A lot of people feel the opposite to be true, since sweating is often correlated with increasing the chance of acne. Research shows that when you visit a sauna that utilizes dry heat, it can help to treat common skin issues like acne, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

There are a few more benefits that have not been fully proven yet, like helping to reduce the chance of Alzheimer’s Disease. A study on the matter was conducted in Finland, and the findings of this study showed that regular sauna use decreased the chance of dementia by 22% in men between the ages of 42 and 60.