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The Difference Between A Facelift and a Mini Facelift

The Difference Between A Facelift and a Mini Facelift

A Face Lift and a Mini Facelift actually, have very little differences but as it implies a mini facelift does not cover as many areas as a full facelift would. It is a facelift on a smaller scale hence it being a mini one. There are also many reasons why you may want to consider having a mini facelift instead of a full facelift. Signs of aging always have a funny way of creeping up on us very slowly, the changes come and we begin to feel the wrinkles become all the deeper and more obvious. We have all pulled at our skin to tighten it and to see how we would look with a facelift but then we think realistically and see that it is not quite necessary for a full facelift. This is when it would be time to consider a mini facelift as this would cover those areas where you can see the loose, sagging skin and it avoids the need for the surgery of a full facelift. So, then what are some of the differences?

Well, unlike a full facelift, a mini facelift uses smaller incisions. They are usually made along your hairline or above each of your ears. Your surgeon then pulls your skin tissues upward through the cheeks to help correct sagging skin. A mini facelift is a slightly modified version of a full facelift but both are invasive cosmetic procedures that involve the use of incisions to help remove and pull up sagging skin. By focusing on the lower half of the face, the overall goal of this procedure is to help correct sagging skin around the neck and jawline. Despite its name, a mini facelift is still a major cosmetic procedure. It’s important to weigh all the benefits versus the costs and risks before undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery. Surgery is never a decision to be taken lightly and as mentioned a facelift of any kind is quite an invasive surgery so you want to be confident in your decision. As much as a surgery may be invasive though, it would all be worth it when you see the results afterwards. It is also important to understand that not everybody is a good candidate for mini facelift as it is intended to help with skin that is slightly sagging, if you have a consultation and you happen to have looser or more sagging skin your consultant may actually advise you in the way of a full facelift due to being unable to achieve the desired outcome with a mini facelift.

So, if your main concern is loose, sagging kin then it would definitely be worth your while to consider a mini facelift, although invasive, the incisions are smaller and the results are desirable. The next time you look in the mirror after your mini facelift the results will be so obvious and it just by lifting up that loose skin it will completely change the look of your face.

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