Successful Quit Smoking Methods

Successful Quit Smoking Methods

So you’re planning to stop smoking, congratulations, you have successfully done the first important step you need to make. The next step is to follow some successful quit smoking methods to ensure your road to being cigarette-free is as smooth as possible. So what are some quit smoking methods you can do? Let’s learn more in this article.

Start vaping

Vaping has been so popular since several years ago, when vaporizers became more advanced. Nowadays, you can see many types of vaporizers of vape juice on the market. And another thing that is popular about vaping is that it can help people to curb their smoking addiction.

That’s right, while we need more data to support this claim, we are already getting a lot of positive development about the role of vaping in reducing smoking addiction. There are also additional benefits of quitting smoking and start vaping that you should consider as well. Overall, if you have never tried vaping yet, now would be the best time to start. And experience for yourself the effects of vaping that may help you quit smoking.

Financial incentives

You may have never heard of this method before but it is quite effective. This method requires you to join a program where you have to deposit a set amount of money at first. If you manage to stick to the program and refrain from smoking, you will get the money back plus more money in the end. Furthermore, people in this kind of program have access to a free counseling program and are offered nicotine-replacement therapy on the side.

As mentioned before, the result is quite surprising, with more than half of the participants quitting smoking. The positive results of this program seem to be from people who have been trying for at least 12 months.


For some people, quitting is the best when there’s no outside help. This way they can set up their own terms and use their own methods of refraining from smoking. If you want to try this method, you have to promise yourself to be disciplined, be mentally prepared, and be ready to work hard. But of course, you can always let your friends and family know that you’re trying to quit. There is no need to keep everything to yourself.


Exercising can help your body and mind to regulate themselves better, especially when the craving starts. You can start exercising during times when you usually start craving. By exercising, you can keep your mind and hands busy and forget about craving, plus you get to be healthier in the process.

The key factor here is by having a fixed or flexible schedule that you must follow no matter what. Don’t make up excuses, so you can skip a day or two. Because once you stop getting busy and moving, your craving might start again.

Find company

Having friends who are trying to quit at the same time is very helpful. You can help and remind each other that you are quitting together. And if you manage to quit first, then your friends will be more inspired and motivated to succeed, and vice versa. This is also useful if you and your spouse are trying to quit smoking together. So get some friends and work together to achieve your goal.

Nicotine replacement therapy

This method is also very popular and probably one of the easiest ones you can try. There are some products that could help you slowly break your addiction with controlled doses of nicotine that get lower and lower until you stop completely. This way, you can get used to lower doses of nicotine without pushing yourself too hard.

This kind of product is also easy to use. Usually, you would place it right on your skin, the patches will then release a small amount of nicotine into your body. You can also find them over the counter, which means no prescription is needed. One side note: you may need to start using the patch before your quit date and use it along with another nicotine product.


Curbing your smoking addiction isn’t as difficult as you may think. If you haven’t started yet, then don’t delay it for much longer. The longer you wait, the harder it may be for you. So start now with one or more methods listed above and work toward your goal slowly but surely.