Shawn Mendes’ Net Worth and Personal Life

Shawn Mendes is a famous Canadian singer and songwriter. Forbes reported that his net worth is an incredible $54.5 million as of 2020.

Mendes is currently 21 years old. Evidently, the singer has built up an impressive net worth at a very young age. In this article we are going to explore how Shawn Mendes created his wealth.

How Shawn Mendes Built His Net Worth

Shawn Mendes gained popularity by singing covers on the video-sharing app Vine. This was an application that allowed users to post short videos. Mendes had created a faithful following of fans by 2013. 

The singer was offered a record deal shortly after. Critics received his first and second studio albums well. Mendes was subsequently offered various collaboration opportunities. 

Mendes went on his first major tour in 2017. It grossed well over $32 million. Mendes went on another major tour in 2019. It was his third solo tour and it grossed $87 million. 

The singer continues to capitalize on his fame. He became famous on social media. Therefore, he reaches millions of people on his platforms. This has resulted in multiple endorsement deals with fashion companies. 

Some companies that Mendes has endorsement deals with include Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, and Smile Direct Club. These deals have helped him build his wealth at an astonishing rate.

Mendes earned over $17 million from his digital music sales alone. His most recent album continues to do well. Therefore, this number is expected to keep rising.

Shawn Mendes has also stayed connected to his Canadian roots. Mendes confirmed a partnership with Canadian food chain, ‘Tim Hortons’ in 2019. He subsequently appeared in commercials and on coffee cups for the company. 

Mendes also announced a partnership with ‘Roots Canada’ in the same year. He has appeared in commercials for this brand as well. 

Shawn Mendes is the youngest ‘Celebrity 100’ member. ‘Celebrity 100’ is a list that Forbes creates every year. It outlines the world’s highest paid celebrities. This is an incredible accomplishment for the young star.

Shawn Mendes’ Personal Life

Shawn Mendes was raised in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. He comes from an immigrant family. His father is Portugese while his mother is English.

Mendes had a stable upbringing and always shows gratitude to his family. He grew up middle class and attended ‘Pine Ridge Secondary School.’ 

Mendes was involved with sports and also joined the ‘Glee Club.’ He was known for having a great stage presence. This lead him to apply for Disney in Toronto. However, he did not get a role. 

Mendes was interested in singing from a young age. He taught himself how to play the guitar by watching YouTube videos. The artist always had high motivation. 

Vine became a popular video-sharing app while Mendes was in high school. Mendes showcased his talent and consistency. The singer ensured that he posted new content regularly. He quickly became viral by singing covers of songs. 

Mendes became extremely popular on this application. Unfortunately, Vine became defunct. However, Mendes was still able to capitalize off of his exposure. 

Relationships and Philanthropy

Shawn Mendes confirmed that he was dating singer Camila Cabello in 2019. They pair became close while they were working on a song together. 

Their relationship was high profile from the get-go, due to their respective celebrity statuses. However, the couple faced some controversy from fans. 

Many people have accused their relationship as being “fake.” They have stated that the couple are only dating for increased publicity. 

Mendes and Cabello have not been seen with each other in months. As of 2020 it is unclear whether they are still together. Neither party has either confirmed or denied their relationship status. 

Mendes is extremely dedicated to philanthropic causes. Therefore, the singer has released numerous campaigns over the past 7 years. 

Mendes speaks openly about mental health issues. His campaigns have aided in bringing awareness to self-harm, low self-esteem, and depression. 

Furthermore, he has donated a lot of money to relief projects. This is especially true for many unexpected national disasters. 

Mendes has performed in shows without profit. Instead, the proceeds go towards relief efforts. He has always been vocal about the importance of giving back to the community. 

Best Quotes

Shawn Mendes made a name for himself on social media. This meant that fans were always able to get a glimpse into his life. This allowed a strange, but genuine, connection. Here are some of his best quotes:

“People say to me, ‘What are you going to be doing in five years?’ The thing is, I don’t care! It’s what I’m doing today that matters.”

“Love your people! Tell the people you love you REALLY love them. Do it. It’s impossible to be too kind or too loving.”

“Let’s make mistakes and don’t look back, it’s now or never.”

“If you’re positive and really excited and enthusiastic about what you’re doing, it’s going to happen, and it’s going to happen big time.”

“I have a thing where if I’m not in control, I feel the whole world is about to collapse.”

Career Highlights

Shawn Mendes is the epitome of a self-made artist. Although Vine is now defunct, Mendes really made a name for himself through social media. He sang six-second covers and people began to take notice of him. 

By August 2014 Mendes had the third-highest following out of all musicians on Vine. This caught the attention of Andrew Gertler – the manager of Island Records. 

Celebrity host, Ryan Seacrest, held a “Best Cover Song” contest in April of 2014. Mendes subsequently won this competition. He signed with Island Records shortly after. 

Mendes toured the United States for two months as a part of ‘MAGCON.’ MAGCON is an event for prominent Vine and Instagram stars to meet their fans. This tour gave him a lot more exposure. 

Mendes’ first single was entitled ‘Life of the Party’. The singer became the youngest person to debut in the top 25 of the US Billboard Hot 100. The song made it to #24. This was shocking, as it was Mendes’ first single.

Soon after, Mendes embarked on a nation-wide tour. He was the opening act for singer Austin Mahone. 

Mendes toured as the opening act for Taylor Swift in 2015. He always kept close relationships with the artists that he toured with.

Nominations + Awards

Time magazine listed Mendes as one of the most influential teens of 2014. This was due to Mendes being the youngest artist to ever debut in the top 25 of Billboards Hot 100. 

Time magazine nominated the singer for the same award the following year as well. This time it was attributed to his success on an international scale. 

Mendes’ most recent album debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts. This was an incredible accomplishment for the singer. 

Mendes was the third-youngest artist to ever have 3 consecutive #1 albums. This is after Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. 

Mendes has won an incredible amount of awards in such a short period of time. The singer has won 51 awards altogether. Furthermore, he has already been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards. 

Closing Thoughts on Shawn Mendes’ Net Worth

Shawn Mendes quickly became a household name within the pop industry. His songs are constantly played on the radio. Furthermore, Mendes is always connecting with fans through social media.

His incredible net worth is exemplary of his talent and dedication. He built his wealth at a young age. However, he continues to work hard at increasing his net worth. 

Shawn Mendes continues to make music regularly. Furthermore, he has collaborated with various companies. He also has many endorsement deals. 

All of these factors have contributed to the singer’s net worth. Mendes will continue to do well for himself. 

He has continuously shown how hardworking he is. Due to this, it is estimated that Mendes’ net worth will increase in the future.