Shane Kersh Talks Arsenal’s Transfer Window and Season Expectations

Shane Kersh is someone who I have spent years arguing with over football, primarily on the basis that he is an Arsenal fan and I support Spurs. Shane is a lawyer who, as you can imagine, is very good when it comes to convincing people of things, something which I have fallen victim to on more than one occasion. I spoke to Shane last week about how he felt Arsenal had performed in the transfer window and what he expected for the season ahead, let’s take a look. 

Transfer Window

With just a couple of days left before the transfer window closes Shane told me that he has actually been pretty disappointed by how things have gone. He had accepted that the club had little money to spend and so all he had anticipated was a few defenders coming in. As it has worked out, Arsenal have spent almost £100 million, and not a single defender has arrived. The talents of record signing Nicolas Pepe are clear for everyone to see, but Shane believes that without shoring up that defense, the club will be in for some big defeats. The fact that Koscielny has gone leaves just Sokratis and Mustafi, the latter being a player who Shane just cannot abide. 

League Position 

This should have been the season that Arsenal kicked on and secured, or at least fought harder for a top 4 finish. Owing to the way in which the transfer window has worked out, plus the fact that other teams have strengthened, Kersh believes that any Gunners fans are living in a fantasy land if they think that they can finish any higher than 6th. The saving grace for Arsenal, or at least what many consider to be the saving grace, is that Lacazette, Aubameyang and Pepe make for a scary front three, Shane however believes that this will not be enough to help them fight against the likes of Chelsea, Man United and rivals Spurs. 

The Europa League is also something which concerns Shane, playing on a Thursday night ahas proven notoriously difficult and the following league game on a Sunday after traveling to some of Europe’s strangest locations is something which many find difficult. With the squad being so thin, Kersh expects this to be a stumbling block in Arsenal’s top 4 hopes. 


Shane told me that he didn’t agree with the signing of Unai Emery from the outset and he believes that he is someone who will actually hold the club back, rather than propel them forward. Emery doesn’t seem to know his best 11, he hasn’t dealt well with the issues that have arisen, especially with regards to Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey, and that this is a bad precedent to set for the future. Shane actually believes that this could be Emery’s last season, who only has 2 years left on his current contract. 

Do you agree with Shane that this will be a tough season for the Gunners? Let us know in the comments.