Resumes That Stand Out: 5 Essential Tips


Do you know about 118 people apply for any given job in the US? Of those applicants, only 24 people are invited to interview for the position. This shows that the job market is competitive, and you need to stand out to land a job.

A great resume can help you stick out among other applicants. It markets your skills and experience and shows how you’re a match for the job. Also, it grabs the recruiter’s attention and gets you a job interview.

Are you wondering how to write a resume? Here are five tips for writing resumes that stand out.

1. Keep Your Resume Short and Direct

When writing a resume, it’s advisable to be brief and go straight to the point. Don’t exceed one page unless you have more work experience.

To achieve a concise resume, avoid including all your career life details. First, go through the job description to know its requirements. Then, include the skills and experiences related to the job.

If you find it difficult to write a short CV, don’t fret. Hire a professional resume builder to help you.

2. Highlight Relevant Skills and Experiences

Going through a job description is crucial before writing your resume. This ensures you tailor the CV to target the specific job you’re applying for. You focus on skills and qualifications that apply to the job.

Always highlight relevant experiences and skills to make them highly noticeable. If you realize your career history doesn’t relate to the position you’re applying for, fret not. Try to present your skills creatively to make them more attractive.

3. Demonstrate Achievement in Numbers

When writing your achievements, you want the recruiters to see how impactful you can be. Using numbers to quantify success can help you achieve this.

Some of the results you can quantify in a resume include:

  • Money directly or indirectly made
  • Time saved and customer satisfaction enhanced
  • Quality improved, and brand awareness built

Ensure to use the right metrics that match your achievements.

4. Craft a Career Snapshot

Experts advise applicants not to use objective statements in their CVs. They should create and use a career snapshot instead.

Career snapshots capture the eyes of every recruiter. They contain all the relevant information that employers are interested in. Recruiters can quickly go through them and determine the candidates’ qualifications.

The best career snapshot should include the following:

  • Skills and experience
  • Qualifications and accomplishments

When writing a career snapshot, ensure to keep it short and sweet. Go through different types of resumes and acquire tips to achieve this.

5. Create an Original Resume Template

When writing your CV, pay attention to its originality. If you’re using an online resume template, don’t copy everything from it. Use your own words to customize the CV to enhance its authenticity.

Write your resume using simpler words to enhance understanding. If you make it complicated, recruiters might overlook it. This can make finding a job difficult.

Write Resumes That Stand Out

Writing the best resume to help you land a good job isn’t a cinch. You need to know the best ways to set your CV apart from the rest.

To help you, read the above tips for writing resumes that stand out.

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