Reddy Kancharla – What Skills Do You Need to Become a Civil Engineer?

 Do you have dreams of being a great civil engineer one day? If so then you will have to make sure that you have all of the necessary skills in place, before you even consider looking at college courses. Reddy Kancharla is a good friend of mine and he has spent his life working within civil engineering. We caught up with Reddy to find out exactly what kind of skills you are going to need if this is the career that you want. There are qualifications to get of course, but you will need to show clear skill from the beginning.

Problem Solver

When we are talking about the skills that you are going to need before you start studying, we are referring of course to the natural skillset that you have, and one which every civil engineer will need is the ability to look for solutions to problems. When you break down what civil engineering is all about, this is it, looking to build and design things which solve problems. This is something which you should certain have if this is the career that you want.

Eye For Detail

When it comes to working in civil engineering you must ensure that you have an eye for detail and that you are really something of a perfectionist. The devil is very much in the details for people working in this industry and the difference of a simple millimeter could be the difference between a building falling down or not. Naturally you will always have things double and triple checked, but you are the one who should be a real stickler for getting the details right.

Team Working

It is almost never the case that a civil engineer would be working project on their own and you will almost always be working as part of a team. When you work in a team environment it is essential that you have a good understanding of how a team should run, and that you have the ability to play various roles within the team dynamic. You should be able to leave your ego at the door and work with your colleagues to get the job done right.

Math and Science

You don’t have to be a genius in all areas to become a civil engineer, but you most certainly have to have a very good grasp of the sciences, physics in particular, and math. These subjects are going to play a role in absolutely everything that you do as an engineer which is why now is the time to really knuckle down if you have issues in either of these subjects. There is no bluffing it in the world of civil engineering, and if you aren’t good at these topics then you are going to have some big problems to deal with.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of the great Reddy Kancharla, these are just some of the skills which you will have to possess.