Quick Cash: 5 Ways to Make Money When You’re in a Pinch

Are your finances getting a little tight and need a way to cover the essentials (or more)? Get quick cash with these money-making ideas!

Picture this.

Your back is against the wall. Your bank account balance has been dwindling for weeks, but the bills are coming in fast.

Are there any steps you can take to stop this trainwreck from happening?

You can use one of the five ways to make money that we’re about to list. Keep reading to find out how you can use these strategies to make some quick cash.

Method #1: Sell Some Stuff

Chances are that you have a few items collecting dust in your closet or in your garage that could be sold for cash. And if you want to generate serious money using this approach, you can browse through the free section of Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to make extra money.

All you have to do is watch the listings and be ready to reply fast. 

Method #2: Look For Short-Term Work

According to Zapier, 34 percent of Americans have a side hustle. And with places like Uber and DoorDash constantly hiring, it’s clear that the gig economy isn’t going anywhere.

But if you haven’t had a chance to get approved as an Uber driver, you can always browse through local classified sites. People hire folks to help them move or mow their grass every day. 

These part-time, one-off gigs are a fantastic way to make money fast.

Method #3: Sell Your House

What’s the one, high-value asset that homeowners can use to access six figures or more at virtually any time? That’s right. Their homes. After all, there’s a reason why real estate is considered a no-fail investment.

CNBC reported in April of 2021 that 42% of houses were selling above their listing price. And with prices expected to keep rising, you would be hard-pressed to find a better time to sell.

Before you start Googling questions like “how do I sell a fixer upper fast“, it’s important to do your due diligence. Depending on your local market, your home might be worth more than you think.

While this money-making approach may seem drastic, it’s worth exploring if you’re in a financial pinch.

Method #4: Pick up Freelancing

Are you the picky grammar snob that all your friends had proofreading their essays in college? Are you so good with WordPress that you can design stunning websites in your sleep?

You may want to consider using those skills to earn money.

With just one or two projects a month, you can quickly get the money you need and then some simply by saying “Hey! I’m available to offer these services.”.

Method #5: Become a Research Subject

Businesses, universities, and governments all have a lot to gain from understanding how people feel about different issues. So whether it’s a business running focus groups or a university seeking out subjects for research projects, you can make a solid chunk of change by sharing your opinions.

Making money doesn’t get any easier than that.

Use These Strategies to Make Some Quick Cash

Between the pandemic and the uncertainty around the job market, times are as hard as they’ve ever been. With the help of the money-making ideas we’ve just provided, however, making quick cash is more than possible.

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