Popular Bathroom Improvements That You Might Consider

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is a room that buyers focus on before deciding whether to buy a house. Check out this guide to staging a bathroom to sell!

A bathroom remodel can be very useful and add significant value to your home. Everyone in the home uses the main bathroom, and you might have one or more secondary bathrooms that also see a lot of use. A properly remodeled bathroom can make the room more functional and a better fit for your needs. It also can produce a very good return on investment.

The average bathroom remodeling cost is close to $11,500 to remodel a bathroom. You can pay significantly less or significantly more depending on the extent of the remodel, the types of features that you use, and the quality of the materials. Here’s a closer look at some of the more popular bathroom improvements that you might consider.

Sink and Vanity

The bathroom sink is where most people brush their teeth, wash their hands, and groom themselves. A quality sink with a stylish but functional faucet or two can add form as well as function to your bathroom. So can a new bathroom vanity that looks great and practically invites you to step up and take care of your grooming needs.

Shower and Bath

The shower and bath area is another popular bathroom remodeling area. Many people are dispensing with the bath portion and focusing on installing modern showers and shower heads that help to make the shower experience more cleansing and more appealing. A hot shower is a great way to invigorate yourself while also handling the cleaning duties in your bathroom. A new shower with a tile floor, glass door, and overhead shower head can make a big difference in the look and feel of your daily shower.

Efficient and Stylish Toilet

The toilet handles the most basic of bathroom uses and should not be overlooked in its ability to add style as well as better function to your bathroom. A newer toilet can improve the bathroom experience by increasing your comfort while also making the toilet a more stylish feature of your bathroom. The toilet also can be more environmentally friendly by making more efficient use of water when flushing and refilling the bowl.

Backsplashes, Flooring, and Wall Covering

The flooring, wall covering, and backsplash also make a significant difference in your bathroom and the cost to renovate it. You might opt for tile all the way around, which is highly durable and can be very stylish. It can also be very costly. You might save some money with a vinyl floor cover that looks terrific, wallpaper, and wall inserts in the shower area. You also might decide to splurge on an all-tile covering for the walls, floor, and backsplash to make the bathroom look great.

Smart Devices to Control Water and Power

A more recent development in trusted bathroom remodeling services is the advent of smart technology. A variety of sensors and other technology can make it possible to turn the lights off when the bathroom is empty and turn them on when someone enters. Smart technology can track faucet and shower usage and turn them off when they run too long to prevent flooding and waste. Sensors can even adjust water temperature automatically to maintain an ideal water temperature while you are taking a shower. It all adds up to lower utility costs and a more environmentally friendly bathroom.

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