Planning a Morocco Vacation? Add These Sights to Your Bucket List

Thinking of planning a Morocco vacation? Check out our travel guide full of all the practical tips and information you'll need to plan your trip!

Did you know Morocco averaged over 8,388,203 tourists from 2001 to 2020? It’s no wonder so many people visit the mountainous country with so many beautiful destinations to see.

Are you planning a Morocco vacation? Are you looking for places to visit in Morocco? The number of options can be overwhelming with so much to see and do in the country.

The following guide will fill you in on how to plan the perfect vacation to Morocco. Read on to learn about the most must-see destinations the country has to offer.

Marrakech Medinas and Markets

Marrakech is a fast-paced and lively destination you can’t miss when visiting Morocco. The Medina is the oldest part of the bustling city. The sights of colored walls, sounds of snake charmers, and smells of spices are truly unique.

Be sure to visit Jamaa El Fnaa in the center of the Medina. The world-famous square is filled with entertainers and delicious street food stalls. At night you’ll find flute players, dancers, artists, and other beacons of Moroccan culture.

Spend at least a day wandering through the narrow streets to experience the rich history of Marrakech. Although, for some, a day is not enough. Click here for more info on the cost of living in Marrakech.

The Lagoon Town of Oualidia

The Lagoon Town of Oualidia is a two-hour drive from Casablanca. It offers a relaxed coastal alternative to the busy Medina. The crescent-shaped lagoon town boasts excellent seafood restaurant options and golden sands.

There are only a few hotels allowed to operate in this protected village which adds to its charm. Rent a boat, soak in the sun, or even catch a wave while in this special Moroccan town.

Ouzoud Falls

Ouzoud Falls is only a few hours from Marrakech making it an excellent day trip. You will walk through beautiful olive gardens as you ascend 360ft to the summit.

Once at the top, you can walk around the cascades and possibly catch a glimpse of the monkeys high up in the surrounding trees.

The seaside city of Larache

This seaside coastal port sits on the banks of the Loukkos river. The city was occupied by the Spanish until 1956 when Morocco gained independence. It’s an excellent place to explore with many intriguing alleys, swaying palms, and exquisite cooking.

The architecture combines Andalucian and Arabic styles. They blend into a mix of blue-and-white houses, oceanfront promenades, and a lively medina.

Imperial Fez

The city of Fez is nestled in the ruins of Medieval palaces and sits behind tall walls. It is the oldest of the imperial cities in Morocco and has an abundance of fountains, trade, aromas, and culture.  

Consider trying a pastilla while in Fez. It’s a popular local pie made with flaky pastry and filled with shredded pigeon meat. Also, be sure to check out the vendors selling artisan leather goods unique to Morocco.

Ready for a Morocco Vacation?

Now you know some of the greatest destinations and the best things to do in Morocco. Morocco activities never fail to impress visitors and leave a lasting impression. We’re sure your Morocco vacation will be one to remember!

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