7 Advantages of Photo ID Badges for Employees

Photo ID badges for employees can improve security and enhance workplace relationships. Learn more about the benefits of photo ID badges here.

Photo ID badges for employees aren’t just for huge corporations with thousands of employees. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from issuing ID badges to employees. 

Adding a photo onto a standard ID enhances security and a sense of belonging. It’s an easy addition with several extra perks. Making photo ID badges yourself or having them made for your company is quick and simple, making this an easy upgrade to your business.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of photo ID badges for employees.

1. Improved Security

Having every employee wear a photo identification badge is one of the easiest ways to improve security. You can easily identify who belongs inside your building and who doesn’t based on whether or not someone has a badge.

By adding photos to the employee ID badges, you can also validate that the person is who their badge says they are. It’s easy to steal and pass off any ID badge without a photo. It’s a lot more difficult to pass off a stolen badge as your own when the photo doesn’t match your face.

Modern photo IDs are more advanced and are more difficult to duplicate accurately. Even if an outsider knows one of your employee’s names, the photo exposes them as not being the person they say they are.

2. Integration Into Access Control Systems

ID badges for employees can be integrated into your access control system to automatically grant access to certain areas. Access control can start on the exterior of the business if you keep your external doors locked. Employees can easily unlock those doors with their photo ID badges when they’re integrated into the access control system, allowing your staff easy access while keeping others out of the building.

You can also use it to limit access inside the building when you have restricted areas. You can set up each individual ID badge to give that employee access to certain restricted areas, such as storage rooms or sensitive records areas.

This option also allows you to track and monitor movements of your employees. It can track things such as where employees were for accountability and when employees arrive and leave. 

Being able to track employees can also be useful if you have a security breach. You can see where your employees were during the breach, verifying that they weren’t involved or narrowing down your suspect pool if it was an inside breach.

3. Additional Identifiers for Easier Control

With so many options to customize ID badges, you can create easy visual identifiers that show things such as security clearance, rank, or department. This can be especially important if your company deals with very sensitive data or equipment or has restricted areas for any reason. The badge identifiers make it easy to determine who belongs in those areas.

Using a color-coding system or other identifier on the photo ID badges allows anyone to see with just a glance whether or not an employee has clearance to be in a certain area. You can also use numbers, letters, shapes, or other identifying options on the IDs. You can see more options for photo IDs to customize the identifiers that your badges display.

4. Sense of Connection

When all employees are wearing photo ID badges, it becomes a unifying identifier among your staff. It’s a simpler version of a company uniform. Instead of everyone wearing the same clothes, all of your employees have a photo ID that not only identifies them individually but also identifies them as a part of the team. 

That sense of teamwork can improve overall morale. It can encourage employees to work together better as a team.

In a larger company, having ID tags can help with interactions between employees who might not know each other. They can instantly see that they both belong to the company and have basic information such as each other’s names. The ID badges might also provide information such as the department each person works in, which gives them a mini introduction and helps the employees interact.

Feeling like they belong can boost employees’ positivity about work. When employees feel like they belong, they often perform better, feel supported, and are more engaged. Those positive feelings can help your company improve productivity and reduce employee turnover.

5. Employee and Customer Connections

If you run a business in which customers or clients routinely enter the building, a photo identification badge on each employee lets those visitors easily notice the staff members. It makes it easier for them to seek out help when needed and helps build trust immediately, knowing that the person they’re talking to is an employee. 

The ID badge can also help create a faster connection between the two. The client can see the employee’s name and potentially other identifying information, such as position. This can give the customer confidence that the employee can help and helps steer the conversation.

6. Convenience for Employees

While some employees might grumble about wearing photo ID badges, they can often make life a lot easier for employees. They can quickly gain access to authorized areas without waiting to be buzzed in by security. In a larger building, they won’t be stopped and questioned by security to ensure they’re in the right place.

Outsiders who are just visiting might be granted a visitor’s badge, but they’ll likely need to go through security screenings first. They might have to show a photo ID, answer questions, and sign in at the main entrance. Employees with company ID badges can bypass these extra steps to make their lives easier.

7. Company Branding

Customizing your photo ID badges for employees allows you to include things such as your company name and logo to help with branding. This reinforces your brand image when clients, vendors, and other visitors are in your building or with outside people when your employees wear their badges elsewhere.

If your employees wear their ID badges outside of work, such as into the store when they stop on their way home or to outside trainings, other people might see that logo and become more aware of your brand within the community. It can be a simple way to have your employees spread your company’s name for you.

Use Photo ID Badges for Employees

Issuing photo ID badges for employees not only helps with security but also with morale, tracking, and relationships. ID badges are simple to use with plenty of benefits for you and your employees.

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