Our Service Related To Transfer Pricing


Multinationals (MNCs) must meet certain mobility requirements. In recent years, transfer prices have taken a higher place on the agenda of multinational companies, as the level of complexity and the number of transfer prices and disputes have increased. We expect more research and such litigation in the years to come, as local and EU laws require more transparent taxes. It is important to monitor and document price controls for Transfer Pricing.

With our extensive knowledge of transfer pricing, both legally and economically, the best transfer pricing team can assist you in all aspects of pricing and, as part of the WTS Global network, we can also offer our services throughout the world.

Our Transfer Pricing services include:


As a fully integrated tax company, we advise consumers on all aspects of transfer pricing and design. We also take the time to understand the markets in which our futures operate so that we can recommend sound and sustainable methods, outlining all probabilities and possible price movements, including the level of risk the company is willing to take.

We help our future by building and adapting business models, establishing efficient transfer pricing and transferring intellectual property rights. We specialize in corporate tax revaluation and valuation of companies, stocks, assets and intangible assets.

Thanks to our extensive experience in obtaining bilateral and multilateral futures price agreements (APAs), we can help prevent or limit the consequences of price dispute disputes.


Baseline Deletion and Profit Transfer (BEPS) requirements, such as key and spatial records and country-by-country reporting, are applied worldwide. Not only do these documents have to meet stricter transfer price requirements (and tight deadlines), but the tax authorities also place more emphasis on document quality.

The TPA Global team use a more realistic approach that seeks to strike a balance between complexity and the size of documents that convey prices. By using our pricing software, we make our messaging documents more efficient and up-to-date and give ourselves enough time to focus on the issues that need further attention.


Efforts to implement and maintain efficient mobile pricing models are growing. Exceeding the transaction transfer price provides efficiency and limits the possibility of unforeseen additional costs, not only from the transfer price, but also related to VAT and / or customs duties. .

Thus, action-changing prices can greatly benefit from automation and the use of technology. We help our future to automate their operational mobility prices and we strongly believe that solutions need to be tailored to the needs and diversity of each customer.

Dispute resolution

Our team of logistics experts has specialized experience in Dispute Resolution and Complementary Settlement Method (MAP). With our in-depth knowledge and approach based on legal and economic rationale, we can assist our envoys in effectively resolving investigations and moving price disputes, both from the first stage to the next. At the international level, we assist in resolving disputes through MAP under the Double Taxation Convention, the EU Settlement Agreement or the EU Dispute Resolution Directive. As part of the WTS Global Network, Atlas may partner with other WTS cross-border affiliates to resolve international shipping rates.

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