5 Signs You Need a New Roof

Roof replacement can be a pain, but you never want to put it off if it's necessary. Here are five signs your home needs a new roof.

Purchasing a new roof is one of the most expensive home improvements any homeowner will make. Unfortunately, it is something that must be done every 20 to 50 years, depending on the roof material.

A good homeowner who regularly inspects their roof will find issues early. Ideally, these issues will be repaired promptly, lengthening the life of the roof. Without regular maintenance, a roof will deteriorate rapidly and cost more in the long run.

There are some signs, however, that mean the whole thing may need to be replaced. Check out the top 5 below.

1. Dented Gutters

Dented gutters are a common sight in areas that experience hail. Heavily dented gutters are often a sign that the roof may have experienced severe weather damage and is in need of repair. 

Make sure to have the right equipment, like a sturdy ladder and proper footwear, to go on the roof and inspect the damage. 

2. Wear and Tear

A few cracks, broken shingles, or bare patches can be easily repaired. When 10% or more of the roof looks that way, you definitely need new shingles. For example, a metal roof is susceptible to rust. That rust undermines the integrity of the metal, leading to cracks and holes. Address rust early to avoid these issues spreading throughout the roof. 

3. The Attic Is in Trouble

If you don’t want to climb on top of the roof, you can start with the attic. Problems in the attic are usually a sure sign that there are problems with the old roof. 

Moisture or water in the attic is an especially important issue. That may indicate a leak in the roof, which needs to be repaired before it compensates for the structural integrity of the home.

4. Chunks and Patches Missing

Depending on the type of material used in your roof, there are different types of wear and tear. For example, shingled roofs have a layer of granules for protection. If you find tons of granules around the roof and in the gutters, it’s time to call a roofing contractor

5. Signs of Mold, Moss, or Algae

If you spot any mold, moss, or algae growing on the roof, there is a moisture problem. A functional roof should keep moisture out, but these growths indicate that it’s trapping moisture in. 

Sometimes the interior of the home will indicate a leakage or moisture problem. Keep an eye out for water stains, peeling paint, or swelling paint in the walls of your home. This may even occur without any sign of the problem in the attic. 

Saving Money on a New Roof

It’s a good idea for homeowners to save up for a new roof renovations throughout the years. Otherwise, it can be an unaffordable expense. There are some ways to save money on a new roof, like looking for off-season discounts or using homeowner’s insurance. 

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