New Beginnings: Essential Tips for Home Sellers on the Move


More than 800,000 homes were sold in a recent calendar year. By now, you’re likely aware that there’s a formula for selling a house effectively. People looking to sell their houses have to figure out how much of the work they’re going to handle and how much they’ll outsource to professionals. 

Both avenues require some home selling tips that’ll give you the best return on investment (ROI) and some profits. We’re happy to help you out. 

Here are some tips for home sellers that’ll make the process easier for you. 

Learn the Value of Your House

Before anything, you need clarity on how much your house is worth. Knowing its value lets you set an asking price so that you’re not settling for anything less than what you deserve from the property. 

Hire an appraiser to give you an up-to-the-moment glance at how much the home is worth, along with tax rates, and information about appreciation and depreciation. Home appraisers charge $300 and up, and they’ll offer valuable insight that makes the rest of the home selling process more straightforward. 

Get as Much Visibility as Possible

Look into as many listing sites as you can to find prospective buyers. Knowing how to sell your home today means understanding how to work these sites, in addition to listings found on social media outlets like Facebook. 

Take photos and videos of the home, and make sure that your listing is filled with the right information. Consider this article for tips on what people look for in a new home purchase. 

Include a virtual tour when possible, and use geotags and search engine optimization (SEO) keywords to grow visibility. Well-placed Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads can also help you to get more traffic to your listing so that your home can sell quicker. 

Schedule Tours for Serious Buyers

One of the most important tips for homeowners is to weed out the serious buyers from the people just browsing. Schedule tours with buyers that sound like they’re motivated and ready to put in an offer. 

Your listing should include information on getting pre-approved for financing to expedite the process. Make sure to also hold open house events to get the largest number of people out to the property for a tour. Invest in the help of a cleaning company and a home stager. 

Professional home stagers understand the most impactful tips for selling your home quickly and will stage it in a way that lets the buyer feel what it’ll be like to live in the house. 

Hire the help of a good real estate lawyer so that you’re ready to move forward with escrow and closing as soon as the buyer is prepared to make an offer. 


Consider These Tips for Home Sellers

These tips for home sellers will allow you to extract as much value from your home as possible. Before you know it, the house will be under contract and you’ll be moving forward with the process. 

The words of advice above apply whether you’re looking for a short sale or you have time and options on your side. Start with these points and browse our other posts related to the real estate market.