Most Livable Cities to Attend Universities in USA

USA has few of the best Universities to attend to, yet many of them are actually placed in only few of the many states in the US. Combined with data’s collected in 2019 on Most Livable Cities in America by Livability (a website specializing in highlighting the appeal from small to mid-sized city in the US), here are 5 most livable cities to attend to in the USA:

1. Tampa, Florida

In number 12 of the Top 20 Most Livable Cities in the US, Tampa might be the perfect place to start a new university life. We put the number 12 as one of the 5 most Livable cities to attend Universities in the USA, considering Florida is one of the US State with many choices for reputable university including University of South Florida and The University of Tampa, which both are actually in Tampa, alongside many other Universities in Florida.

2. Greenvile, South Carolina

Ranked number 10 in the Top 20 Most Livable Cities, Greenville stated as the largest city in South Carolina State and considered as a great place to retire as well. One of the most reputable Universities majoring in Hospitality is also placed in South Carolina State named the University of South Carolina. It’s no surprise to put Greenville as one of the Most Livable City to live in, when you’re attending universities all around South Carolina.

3. Palmer, Massachusetts

Palmer is a city in Hampden County, Massachusetts, which considered to be the number one most affordable city to live in Massachusetts State. We considered Palmer as one of the most affordable cities to live while attending Universities, considering so many reputable Universities are located in Massachusetts, including the best University focusing on Technology: MIT, and any other ones such as Harvard University, Boston University, and many other universities in Massachusetts.

4. Oxnard, California

Oxnard is a seaside city west of Los Angeles, California being considered as Top 5 Most Affordable Cities in California. Oxnard is the best option when it comes to affordable living in the expensive California State, considering many Universities in California are also in the list of Top 100 Universities all over the world either it’s for the Art, Medical, Marketing, Technology, or any other major.

5. Troy, New York

Even the dream of living in New York is affordable if you’re living in Troy, a city closer to the state’s capital and known as the home of Uncle Sam. Troy is considered to be one of the cheapest cities to live in New York State, with so many events for the community. Troy is getting into this list considering so many well known Universities located in New York, including NYU, Columbia University, The Juilliard School, Cornell University, and so many more.                Going to University means a one step closer to stop being a big fish in the pond, yet to be carefully picking the right and most affordable city to live is one step closer on being clever, instead of being all dreamy toward university life. After the right University, make sure you choose the right City to live.