Most Affordable Eco-Friendly Cars

Most Affordable Eco-Friendly Cars

There is no planet B, Earth is the only planet we can live in and we need to take care it in the most convenient way possible. Even though driving cars gave out more possibility of ruining the earth from the pollution they made, Eco-Friendly cars actually existed nowadays and pretty many of them also affordable. Here are some options for the most affordable Eco-Friendly cars:

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Starting from 29,000$ Toyota RAV4 is a small crossovers with green-care fuel efficiency which also filled with technology inside. This eco friendly car is also combined with star safety system to help the driver and the passenger from harm. This car actually has an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) rating of 32 mpg combined city or highway.

Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

Starting from 22,000$ Malibu is a 2019 midsize car with a modern design update for the exterior and the interior parts. Malibu name itself as a sporty car with a reasonable price and considered as an eco-friendly car with Fuel tank capacity until 15 gallons and achieved combined city/highway mileage of 46 mpg.

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

South Korean cars are always way more affordable, including their eco-friendly cars such as Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. The brand is a favorite one from new Hyundai car-types with the price starting from 26,000$. This eco-friendly car is a midsize sedan with a generous-sized cabin and amazing standard features with 42 mpg combined city/highway at the pump.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

Even though many affordable eco-friendly cars are Asian-made ones, America actually has its successor with Ford cars including Ford Fusion Hybrid. The Ford Fusion Hybrid has a really modernized looks both exterior and interior with the pricing starts from 26,000$. This eco-friendly American car is in sedan sized with fuel economy stands at 42 mpg combined city/highway.

Lexus CT

Lexus Hybrid model is the one next to Toyota’s eco-friendly cars with hybrid system with excellent efficiency. Lexus CT is actually older models which made the eco-friendly car to be way more affordable with reasonable choice starting from 16,000$. Lexus CT200h was designed more than a decade ago and already discontinued on 2017 yet still in the market.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

One of Toyota’s best seller’s for city cars is actually Toyota Yaris, which combined with hybrid system. It’s an eco-friendly with extremely efficient car and excellent value on the used market. Toyota Yaris Hybrid also excels stop-start driving with higher speed and over longer distances, along with the fuel economy gets closer to the 45mpg of standard petrol on Yaris models.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Manufactured and assembled in Japan, Mitsubishi iMiEV stands for Mitsubish Innovative Electric Vehicle which is a five door hatchback electric car and sold in Europe by the PSA Peugeot. This eco-friendly car is the world’s first modern highway-capable of mass production electric car and actually the most affordable electric car with the price starting from 23,000$.

Even though cars considered as a fancy stuff people can barely afford, some affordable cars and affordable eco-friendly cars produced in Asian’s quite promising when it comes to owning a vehicle that fits in with the Mother Earth. Fancy is not a thing if the earth’s collapsing, make sure to choose the smartest vehicle that is friendly to the place we live in instead of the fancy one, yet slowly kill the earth.

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