Mediterranean Bound? What to Consider Before Moving to Spain


Spain has 380,000 ex-pats that call it home, did you know that? This is according to immigration figures. Also, Spain is the fourth most popular country for Brits to relocate to when leaving the UK.

Moving to Spain is easier now than ever before. If you have dreams of starting a new life in Spain, read below about the essentials for a stress-free move!

Learn About the Culture Beforehand

As an American moving to Spain, it’s important that you brush up on Spanish culture and what to expect. In Spain, not much is open during siesta hours. Knowing this beforehand will save you some stress because you know you have to get all your shopping done either before or after these hours.

Also, knowing what to expect with the climate will help you pack accordingly, and learning a few Spanish words can help you get by when you need some help or need something to get done.

Search For Housing While Moving to Spain

This is probably the issue that causes the most stress when moving to a new place. Where are you going to stay, and how much does rent cost? Your moving to Spain checklist needs to cover housing without a doubt.

A quick search online can be done so you can get a basic idea of how much rent you will be paying, and brushing up on this knowledge will ensure that you don’t get ripped off at the same time.

There are ways to search for a property before you arrive, but it’s best to book an extended stay at a holiday place, while you search for the perfect apartment or house that’s the best in the business.

Healthcare System

Public healthcare is free within the borders of Spain, much like most of Europe. Of course, if you would like, you could always take out a medical aid cover and use private hospitals. Private hospitals can be easier as generally more English is spoken in these hospitals.

If you are a legal resident in Spain, in order to qualify for the free healthcare system, you will need to register at your local social security to get your health card. 

Education System

if you are a family that is moving, you won’t be short on options for schooling. Both international and public schools are readily available, and depending on your preference, both systems are fairly easier to get into. 

Should your children be relatively young, a local public school would be the better option, as young children integrate into a different society quite easily.

Stress-Free Move

Making the decision to move to another country is never done lightly, and if not done right, it can become a costly and stressful venture that people prefer to avoid. By following these simple tips, moving to Spain will be effortless and stress-free.

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