Lori Loughlin Political Views – Does She Support the Democratic or Republican Party?

Lori Loughlin Political Views

It’s very common these days for famous people or celebrities to come out and voice out their support for a specific political party. Especially when they think their ideas and politics are compatible. Not to mention that thanks to social media, everyone can easily voice out their opinion regarding political matters. Famous people, with many followers on the social media platform, can take advantage of this and connect with many people.

Things usually become hotter when the elections are approaching, local or national level. Obviously, everyone knows that the next U.S. presidential election is going to be rowdy. With not only Americans but also many people all over the world are watching the election.

This is exactly what happened during the last election, where Democrats (Joe Biden) and Republicans (Donald Trump) were going at each other. Everyone wanted to see who will become the next president. This made many famous people come out of the woodwork. And considering they may have some influence over voters, no one should underestimate their roles.

Some examples of celebrities with certain political views

Since many years ago, both the Republican and Democratic parties have been relying on famous people to a certain degree to get more supporters. Some iconic celebrities who support the Republican party that we know are Clint Eastwood, Stephen Baldwin, Conor McGregor, and many more.

Meanwhile, on the democratic side, we have Robert De Niro, Cardi B, Mark Cuban, George Clooney, Alyssa Milano, and many more. I am sure many people are supporting a specific political party because of one or more of these famous people. That’s why when a celebrity is speaking or, even better, being obvious of which party they support, people are going crazy about it. And the opposite is also true to some degree. By that I mean when famous people refuse to speak out about their political views people are even more curious about it.

Lately, there is one famous person whom people get crazy about. I am talking, of course, about Lori Loughlin. People are curious about her political views. Furthermore, his husband, Mossimo Giannulli, is allegedly active on the Republican side. So does she support the Republican party then? Let’s learn more about this.

Lori Loughlin in the spotlight

If you remember, the past couple of years have been quite hectic for Lori Loughlin. She was involved in the College Admissions Scandal. It is a scandal related to the admission of students to top American Universities.

People who were involved in the scandal gave bribes to some individuals in charge. So that their children can be sent to a certain top university. Lori and her husband reportedly paid about $500,000 so their two daughters can go to the University of Southern California.

Alas, everyone including Lori Loughlin got arrested for bribery and punished with a certain fine and hundreds of hours of community service. This set of punishments was what was given to Lori and her husband.

The connection between the scandal and Lori’s political views

Now you must be wondering what the scandal has to be with Lori’s political views. And how does all this lead to a certain political party in the U.S.? Well, the thing is that the money collected by Lori in the form of “donations” was redirected to certain political candidates. And also to organizations work very closely to the Democrat party. Another smaller part of the money also went to the republicans. This is not a surprise considering that Mossimo is famous for his support of the Republican Party and Donald Trump.


So by connecting these facts regarding the money from the donations, surely we should know more about Lori’s political views, right? Unfortunately, things don’t seem to be as simple as that. While it is true that Mossimo is very close to the Republicans and that Lori gave some money to them as well, she also supports the Democratic party.

But, one thing that people seem to agree with is that Lori is right-leaning, just like her husband. According to certain sources, Lori supports the Republicans and has conservative views. I think at this point we can agree that Lori supports the Republican party and has conservative views until proven otherwise.