Living in Montana vs Wyoming: How Is It Different?

Montana and Wyoming are both highly-ranked states to live in. Get the comparison for living in Montana vs Wyoming right here.

If there’s been one consistent factor in real estate over the past few years, it is this. People want to get out of expensive states with high costs of living. People have been moving from urban areas to rural areas, reversing the decline of rural populations. The reasons behind this can vary, but often include space and cost of living concerns.

Two states that feature prominently in this trend are Montana and Wyoming. What’s the real difference between living in Montana vs Wyoming? You can find out everything you ever wanted to learn about real estate in these two states and more here!

Living in Montana vs Wyoming: Climate

Montana and Wyoming both offer a four-season climate. Wyoming offers plenty of sunshine throughout the year. Meanwhile, Montana keeps temperatures mild until the wintertime. When winter comes in, the mountainous regions of Montana become quite snowy, while the eastern have might struggle to break 2 feet. Whether you prefer snowy winters or the classic four seasons is up to your personal preference.

One thing to note is that both states have an abundance of gorgeous natural views and national parks. It’s the perfect place for the outdoorsy adventurer.

Montana or Wyoming: Which Has a Higher Median Income?

One key consideration when you decide which state to move to, alongside tax brackets, is the median income. A state’s median income can give you a clearer indication of career opportunities, tax rates, and the general pay of jobs in the area. According to World Population Review, Montana’s median income sits at around $54,000, while Wyoming’s exceeds $64,000.

Wyoming’s higher median income could indicate a higher population density. That means more cities, and thus, more opportunity for growth. Regardless, due to their lenient tax policies, both Montana and Wyoming offer reasonable costs of living. Especially compared to more populous states like California and New York.

Which State Has a Better Crime Rate?

Montana and Wyoming have fairly similar crime rates, with similar rates of homicide and firearm crime per capita. It’s important to note that Wyoming’s crime rate is slightly lower. However, in both places, you’ll deal with less crime in rural and suburban areas vs major urban centers.

If the crime rate is something that you’re concerned about, contacting a local real estate agent can help you determine your actual level of risk. Whether you’re buying or selling a home in the Midwest, our friends at can help you. Their expertise will find the best neighborhood, price, and amenities for your needs.

Looking for More Tips on Which State to Move Into?

So, now you have an idea of some of the differences between living in Montana vs Wyoming. You might then wonder if there are any other appealing places to move to. If you’re looking for more tips on where to move or more information about the real estate market in general, then check out our blog. We update each day with more helpful and informative articles like this one.