Javier Burillo – Reasons to Get Excited For England’s Euro 2020

Javier Burillo and I have had a tough football season, both of us are Spurs fans and it is fair to say that it would be great if the season just ended now. In fact, so sick are Javier and I of talking about Tottenham and the horror show of a football club that it has turned into, we have instead been looking ahead to the Euros, and how for the first time since 1996, we are actually feeling pretty good about England’s prospects. If you are an England fan then here is why you should be excited.


What we saw at the World Cup was enough to whet our appetite that Southgate is going to be a great manager for England, and that contrary to the boring style of football many expected, it was not forthcoming. Southgate doesn’t just pick the same players, he is one of the few England managers to really play whoever is in form, and that has continued for the last 2 years. Going into the Euros Gareth knows his players better, and he has had much more chances to work with them on style and tactics, we can expect the Euros to be the perfect showcase of that.


Some England fans would have been worried a month ago, when Kane, Rashford and Abraham were all out injured, 2 of those looking likely to be until the end of the season. In fact the only happy person in the country was Danny Ings when that news was announced. We can however expect to see both Kane and Rashford in line for the Three Lions, as both appear as though they will be fit before the season is finished.


The team which went to the World Cup was quite young, but the prospects who have come through this year ensure that the team will be filled with even more youngsters. We can expect the likes of Brandon Williams and of course Jack Grealish to feature, not to mention the likes of Abraham and Mason Mount, and potentially even the likes of Sancho, Tanganga, Hudson Odoi and Timori. This is a very exciting time for young English talent, and that brings with it energy and something a little different than what the old guard will play.


There will be a number of games which England will play at Wembley stadium, and playing at home of course comes with huge benefits. Once that crowd gets going and behind the boys, your can expect them to perform even better, and this is something that we should all be excited by. Playing at home, as we have seen in 96 and in 66, is a great bonus and one which could push us all the way to the final, and hopefully to victory.

What do you think is going to happen in the Euros? Are you excited about England’s prospects? Let us know in the comments.