The Benefits of Having a Local Insurance Agent

Online insurance might get you some deals. But are they worth it when you can work with an insurance agent locally? Learn the benefits of having a local agent.

Are you working with an online insurance agency, or have you found someone local? 

While the convenience and cost factors can sometimes favor online agencies, there are some massive benefits of going for a local insurance agent instead.

Not sure which to choose next time you’re switching insurance agencies? We’re here to help. Keep reading to learn why you should choose a local agent for your insurance needs. 

You Forge a Relationship

If you’ve never used a local insurance agency before, you might not know how close you can get to your local agent.

While you might not be friends, the agent gets used to you and your needs and may be more willing to offer advice. If you’re part of a family, your agent may work with your children or parents and help all of you based on what the past needs of the family have been. 

If you want an insurance agent that knows your name, your history, and the specific details of your situation, find an insurance agency that’s local. 

They Know the Area

If you get an insurance agent who doesn’t live in your local area, they may not know the ins and outs of what you might need. 

While there are general rules to live by for insurance, as well as state and city regulations, someone who doesn’t live where you do won’t know what the most common claims are, what kinds of natural disasters happen, or what kinds of other problems are common (such as theft or break-ins). 

Local insurance agents know what kinds of insurance you need because they need the same things. They may also know how to save you money by choosing the best plan based on the local needs instead of plans that provide unnecessary coverage. 

You Can Talk One-on-One

Have you ever struggled to contact your online insurance agency? They see you as a number rather than a person, and you may be put on hold, left to wait for email responses, and thrown from agent to agent. 

When you aren’t working with the same agent all the time, new ones also have to take time to go through your history and learn all about you from the ground up. When you work with a local, you’re working with someone with a smaller pool of clients.

You may also be able to visit the agency in-person so you know that you can get a one-on-one conversation in which it’s easy to relay your problems and understand each other without the miscommunications common in emails or even phone calls. 

Is Your Insurance Agent Local?

Online insurance agencies make things easy, but a local insurance agent personalizes your insurance experience and makes sure that you get what you need without troublesome misunderstandings or extra expenses. 

You don’t have to be seen as a number. Hire a local agent today.

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