Inspiring Bar Design Ideas for Your Home

White table with two brightly coloured cocktails

Coming home after a long day and walking into your own tiny bar is something spectacular!

You can put it in your billiard room (visit Triangle Billiards if you’re still building yours) or directly off the den, but just having a mini bar in your home gives it a certain edge that your guests may not expect.

The versatility of these home bar design ideas in the UK make them perfect for any home!

Drinks Trolley

The drinks trolley is back in style, with a variety of modern styles to suit a variety of budgets!

Popularised in the 1920s, it was a mainstay of middle-class households in Britain until the 1970s.

It vanished for a few decades as millennials preferred staying at home rather than going out; however, the formerly obsolete piece of retro furniture has made a significant comeback!

A drinks trolley is the perfect piece of furniture for people wanting a bar! This sleek item is mobile, giving you freedom of placement in your home.

Its compact size is also perfect as it won’t take up unnecessary room and aesthetically, it is very in fashion at the moment. The art deco design will bring a stylish touch to any room.

Dark shelving with a range of alcohol on the three shelves

Built-in Bar

You could even create a chic bar area in a nook in your living room or dining room by incorporating it into one of your existing cabinets, or even beneath the stairs to save space! There are plenty of bar refrigerators just for this occasion, you’ll have plenty of selection to find the perfect one.

Prepare a working surface for cutting lemons or limes and place an ice bucket around your bar area for adding to drinks.

As well as this, a couple of wall drawers, shelves and a sideboard to store your glasses and other bar paraphernalia and lastly, a cooler for your wine and other bottles will finish your bar!

Decorate with a mirror or a blackboard, then choose between a tile or wallpaper backsplash and you’re done!

Kitchen cabinets with industrial shelving that has been made into a makeshift bar

A Straight Home Bar

If you have a little more horizontal room, why not make that space into your own counter-style bar?

A straight home bar, when set away from the wall, may provide a useful surface for preparing and pouring drinks on one side while your guests sit on the other – and the best thing is that you can keep all of your bottles and bar equipment in one place!

This unit is the perfect mini room divider if you want to just accent a classic bar. And if you’re short on room, you may even lean your slender mini bar against the wall!

A straight home bar is also very simple to make and is a great home DIY project! Using a simple cabinet turned on its side and letting your creative side go crazy, you can end up with a unique, staple piece for your home!

Hopefully, these unique home bar ideas will help to inspire you when looking for a new design venture.