Inside Bitcoin Miami: Ethereum Left Bitcoin Feeling Stale by Ryan Broderick of Fast Company

Ryan Broderick of Fast Company: Inside the Bitcoin Miami 2022 conference, it was disjointed and confusing for most, since Ethereum took the spotlight leaving Bitcoin more than a little stale  —  Bitcoin no longer the top cryptocurrency? What would be next for this young currency?  After leaving Bitcoin Miami’s 2022 conference, this is what many people are thinking about. Read the full article here.

About The Bitcoin Miami Conference

Miami Bitcoin Conference creates various satellite events every year, complete with all local and international partners. At the events, you can witness many interesting shows, such as meet and greets, student job fairs, and hackathons. It is pretty much an event that the crypto community has been waiting for all throughout the year.

The North American Bitcoin Conference was started back in January 2020. It was when the City of Miami officially recognized Miami Blockchain week. Since then, TNABC has become the center of many historical event series in the city. The event usually gets between 12,000 to 25,000 attendees.

The whole event is focusing on Bitcoin and everything else surrounding it. From experts to beginners, everyone is welcome to learn more about Bitcoin. TNABC is also a testament to the influence of Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency, in the lives of many people.