How to use Stickers to promote your business


In today’s digital world, many companies are focusing efforts and budgets on digital marketing to attract customers quickly through their mobile devices. However, there comes a time when you also need to blend or integrate non-digital marketing initiatives into your marketing strategy. It’s important not to forget conventional marketing tactics such as product giveaways, one-to-one consultations, flyers, brochures, and billboards to connect with your target market.

After all, conventional marketing tactics are all about using the five senses- taste, touch, see, smell and hear and that’s something that people love. It gives them another dimension to explore a product or service and be empowered to make a purchasing decision that will help them overcome their pain points.

In recent years, promotional stickers have been on the backburner, despite their immense capability to connect a customer to a product, increase brand recognition, and increase lead generation.

Here’s how you can use promotional stickers to increase your marketing output:

·         Create stickers that focus on specialized content

Stickers are meant to be outstanding and eye-catching. But it also needs to convey a short and simple message to the customers. You need specialized content in taglines, slogans, or catchphrases because it builds a strong brand. So instead of saying things like ‘a one-stop solution for printing,’ craft your sticker message with something like ‘Premium and bespoke printing services.’ Sounds classy.

·         Focus on Quality

Sure having 10,000 stickers is a big deal, but what if only 1,000 of these stickers are read and talked about? Focus on creating quality stickers that will attract attention and one that includes at least one contact information of your company, preferably your website. 

·         The Wait is Worth it

Be ready to commit to the long haul to achieve quality followers. Stickers are used as one way to create touchable content. Add your social media accounts on the sticker, as this is a quick way to generate generic views, likes, and followers. This activity on your social media pages will help you understand and build a target audience, what sites they frequently visit, what hashtags they use, and what are their spending habits. 

·         Study your audience’s needs

Listening to your target market is one of the essential foundations of any marketing strategy, be it social media or conventional marketing techniques. How do you listen? By giving your target audience a way to reach you, especially if they are new customers. Giving our stickers with contact info on how to get you on your website, social platforms, and even a telephone number will help open up doors for new customers to explore your digital landscape. Their interaction on your online platforms will help you create a brand persona on their interests, who they are, what they identify with, and so on. Once you have gathered these details, you can create content tailored to their interests and needs and spark conversations that lead to sales. 

·         Custom & Lookalike audiences

Building an audience online is essential, and you’d get free publicity! By giving out stickers, customers take photos of these stickers and share them online, creating buzz. Sharing and discussing content enables you to reach new entry points and gives Google more ways to find you. For example, if you type in natural skin care, the least likely brand to pop would be Sephora, but there it is, among the top 10 Google searches. Sephora is up there because of the many entry points their customer base chooses to associate the brand with their postings, comments, and images. You can achieve this too through a simple sticker. 

·         Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers, are the people you want to associate your brand with. They already have quality audiences, and they are most likely already interested in your product, business, or service. Build relationships with your influencers-create custom made stickers that feature them and you. These custom stickers will be shared with their followers, multiplying your reach and making your brand more down-to-earth and accessible.

·         Adding Value to your Conversation

People will stop listening if all you do is promote your products and services and talk about your flash. Part of marketing is also giving away something related to your product, and one of those ways is through stickers. Encourage your customers to get involved in your brand talk and giving away stickers is one way to start that conversation. Create stickers on viral trends and political or social events happening in your country and the world, as well as corresponding to your audiences. Just be careful to create stickers related to your brand and the viral topic. You must add value to your conversations and activities because this will develop relationships with your audience. 

·         Be Accessible

Stickers are a fun and accessible way to connect to your audience. To be relevant and accessible, you need to post content and interact with the audience using your products and services at a good pace. Be consistent but do not over-share (this can also cause you to lose your fan base). If followers see too little or too much from you, they will not hesitate to unfollow you. It only takes one click. 

·         Build better brand loyalty.

Brands that have an active and continuous social media presence have a more loyal following of customers. When you engage with the public on both your online and offline platforms, you increase your brand presence and build on your rapport and connection. You spare enough time to provide your followers with valuable and engaging information without requesting them to do anything in return. Stickers are one way to tell your customers that you value and care about them. Offer them stickers as gifts for becoming your loyal customer. It’s a small item, but it has a significant impact. 

You see them as human and not just as customers. When this happens, customers will see you as a brand that cares, champions value, and has a personality and clear vision. This makes a huge difference in a world with plenty of advertising noise. 

·         Add to your PR strength

For any good marketing strategy, press releases make a sizeable portion of what makes you sound and look good. A press release with a sticker to remind customers who you are is an additional benefit. Combined with social media, however, it gives marketers the perfect opportunity to reach a target audience in a more conversational and personal way.